Tight budget traveling

As the year comes to an end, most people are planning on what to do during the festive season.

It is around this time of the year that some realize that they actually need to go on holiday even if they had not really planned for it.

From years of traveling on a tight budget, I have learnt to travel with limited resources but still enjoyed the escapades. Here are some suggestions.

Flights are usually much more expensive than buses. Why not save money and travel by road. The bus ride will take longer than a flight but also rewarding. One gets to see the landscape as it changes from one place to another. You also get to see different cities and villages while on transit giving you more knowledge about wherever you are.

Rather than buying books while on the move, try swapping the books you’ve read for something another traveler has finished reading. It could be a novel or travel book. You will also be able to get free travel advice if you meet travellers returning from destinations you have visited.

Pako eating fries

Nothing beats interacting with locals. Eating from local markets will teach you a lot about people and their daily lives. It also helps boost the local’s income as compared to eating from major restaurant franchises that are mostly likely to be owned by foreign investors. Best of it all is that the food is very cheap and just as fresh. I had a great time dining at the fish market in Mozambique and Zanzibar.

Free hospitality anywhere in world, yes it is free! This is a concept that connects travellers around the world offering accommodation for free. Visit www.couchsurfing.org and find a place to stay where someone has a couch for you, space to camp or a couch to sleep on.

Tents in Backpacker

Backpacker Lodges are ideal places to make friends and meet travellers just like you. From dorm beds, private rooms to camping facilities with warm showers, kitchen and a lounge they have it all. This is a great way to save money and meet different characters from around the world.

All is not lost even if you have a tight budget.

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