Hard cash

Enterprising men venture into stone mining

When the going got tough for eight Molepolole men, they could only turn to land for survival.

The eight enterprising men, mine, prepare and sell stones that can be used in the construction of houses and security walls as well as paving.

The brains behind the enterprise, Sejeso Njesang (59) says he got the idea of selling stones after visiting Lesotho in 1998.

“When I came back from Lesotho I realised that we also had more attractive stones around our village which could be used for building houses, making screen walls and paving the yards.”

He then sold his idea to his friends Moalosi Dikgang (62), Ramonobane Dipate (58), Ntesang Sebe (64) and Ntsimane Dinote (70) and five months later they started digging and selling the stones for P120.00 per load.

They were later on joined by Boikanyo Rakgajane (60), Sekei Monyamane (55) and Ofentse Monageng (45).

In March 2014 they registered their company Mamba Stone Proprietary Limited and registered with Copyright Intellectual Property Authority (CIPA).

Speaking in an interview, Sebe said that since he joined his colleagues in 2004, he has been able to look after his family.

“Digging up these stones is no child’s play but we just have to soldier on. Our inspiration comes from the fact that we are earning an honest living,” he said.

Hard cash

The hard-working men take their work seriously such that everyone is expected to be at work on time all the days of the week.

Their days start at 7am and ends at 4:30pm

For his part Dinote (70) who joined the group in July 2006 said that though they work as a team, one has to make his own load of stones.

“Sometimes I get a monthly income of P1000.00 but when business is low, the income also declines.”

Most of their clients are from Gaborone and around Molepolole.

The dream of this team is to have proper equipment and earth moving trucks as this would make their job much easier.

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