I hear a lot of people are talking about our coach at Centre Chiefs moving to Zimbabwe – well it’s news to me.
We haven’t been told anything official about his resignation. If he has indeed gone it is odd that he said nothing to the team. He is not the sort of guy to just gets up and leave without saying goodbye. He talked to me just before the Malawi game wishing me good luck and never mentioned that he was unlikely to come back. There is also news that Itai Gwandu is going with him, but all we know is that he is home on leave. Some people are even saying that I’m also off to Zim. As things stand now I haven’t received any offer from any team, and have no plans to go to Zimbabwe, even for a holiday.


Realistically speaking it is good to be nominated for an award, even if you don’t think you have any chance of winning. Of course everyone likes to be considered a winner, but ego’s aside, the team should always come first. Maybe they should add an award for the best team player of the year to go alongside the best individual. Last season at Rollers we sat and deliberated on who we thought should win. We agreed on Kabelo Dambe and this season I’m sorry to say we didn’t get an opportunity to vote. So it beats me how things will be done. We hear other teams voted through the captains and I wonder how representative that is.

Currently I am at home in Lotlhakane and don’t want anything to do with the Gaborone high life. I am just chilling out getting high on the country air and taking a well-deserved rest away from football. As a player it is good to rest and enjoy just being, because we work so hard in the season and so much is expected from you.  As for the youngsters this is an exciting time as soon clubs will come knocking with their proposals. Should any need my advice, I am here to help.

JJ Ramatlhakwane

Oh yes I spoke to my Zebras teammate and friend, Jerome Ramatlhakwane before they played Black Leopards. I wished him all the luck he needed. I warned him about taking the team down. He had promised not to be part of such history. Unfortunately the unthinkable happened and they got relegated, losing 4-1 over the two legs. I am waiting to see him and speak to him face to face. I however doubt if he will be playing in the first division because they have changed the format down south and want teams to field six under-23 local players. So it will be difficult to have foreigners in that league.

You can tell the football season is over because journalists are scratching around for stories to fill up their sports pages. So when there is nothing much to say, why not just speculate.  It was therefore no surprise to read the rumour that I want to go back to Rollers. What was a surprise however was that no one bothered to call me to find out the facts.  Maybe they were waiting to read my column! As things stand I am a Centre Chiefs player, fully contracted to them. End of story…….or is it? Anyhow I promise you will be the first to know if Man U or Arsenal come calling. Well we can all dream!

Three teams relegating is just too much in my opinion.  Two is enough with only the winners from the first divisions going up being a simpler equation. The third one is just a surplus and it creates more work for the players. With more teams relegating it means weaker opponents will be promoted all the time and it reduces the competition in the elite league.  It is not as if the play-offs have created much interest from fans. Not many turned up to watch the Mochudi Buffaloes game against GNT in the first leg, and I don’t suppose there will be a stampede to see the return game in Francistown this Saturday.
Anyhow whatever you are doing this weekend – have a good one.