Hamptons Jazz festival to relocate
GLAD: Debbie Smith

Last event costs organizers P4million

From inception the Hamptons Jazz festival has been marred in controversy, now the Organisers of the event have exclusively revealed to Voice Entertainment that they have decided to relocate the event.

The calendar event started in 2014, with a one-year hiatus in 2017,and a bigger and better come back last year when the jazz festival was headlined by Billy Ocean and Salif Keita amongst others.

Speaking to Voice Entertainment from London, Hamptons organiser, Debbie Smith said they would make the new venue announcement on March 28th.

“I have high hopes for the Hamptons Jazz. If the journey sadly stops at home, we have hope of resuscitating it one day not just in Africa, but Europe also. If sounds pompous, obscene and over ambitious for a little Botswana Brand to hit other bigger markets, but I’m a very well driven person and believe in trialing enchanted territory,” Smith said.

Voice Entertainment can further confirm that for last year’s event was attended by a total of 7 918 guests, costing the organizers a hefty P4 million.

Speaking of challenges the much-loved festival has encountered over the years, Smith said, “The venue remains a challenge as our patronage has grown exponentially and the venue does not nullify the need to stop festival operations because of noise restrictions. We had issues with GCC in regards to permits, however, it was a misunderstanding on one or 2 officials who were not clued up in regards to festival regulation times. Otherwise we have a good relationship with GCC as well as council bylaw department.”

“Although the fans positive feedback and opinions were an indicator of success in 2018 despite the postponement challenges, Starr and I were also interested in sustainability and return on investment Output. We lost a lot of capital due to the postponement, hence we have reflected longer than usual,” Smith continued.

Commenting on what the organizers took away from last year’s mishaps, Smith is adamant that, “Sadly there is no bulletproof method, and even the best and most experienced event organisers fail at times. However, we concluded to have a backup plan to include finding backup venues, back up local artists, back up sound, back up local and international artists as these tend to be the places where things go wrong most often.”

But international artists recognize the Hamptons Jazz festival “We have seen global artists like Shola Ama approaching us for an appearance. She will be in Mozambique end of March, so her management based in UK is aware of The Hamptons Jazz in Gabs. We have also been in talks with Angelique Kidjo’s management, but like I said before, we are still reflecting on a lot of issues to include budgets, staffing, the Hamptons’ event model.”

The organizers have also confirmed that they have paid up all their debt incurred from last year’s event.

“We have paid our bills. The biggest bills were for sound standing at P300 000 and refunds of over P200 000. The whole grand total was over P1 200 000. We had the likes of Avani, being very tolerant and giving small business like us a chance. As an example, overall Avani bill was P81 166.48 and we had already paid P72 327.21 before the event time. We recently paid them the P18 900 making us debt free from suppliers from this month.”

“I am thankful the general public love the Hamptons brand and I will focus on positive facts – public opinion responds well to facts. When one does good work, no matter how much the devil tries to distract you, it will not work, you cannot cheat the public,” Smith added.