Hair-raising levels of corruption
MISMANAGEMENT: One of the country's tollgates

Just when we thought we had seen it all when it comes to corruption and rampant abuse of state funds, the roads and tollgates management parastatal proved that we had not seen anything yet.

This week, shocking, jaw-dropping details were revealed in parliament following an audit by the Auditor General on how management at Zimbabwe National Roads Adminstration (Zinara) has been abusing funds to an extent of blowing US$60, 000 (P600, 000) on hairstyles in one year.

Yes, you are seeing the correct figures, hair-raising indeed!

I guess these hairstyles include the purchase of the most expensive hairpieces in the world.

The bulk of this money is said to have been used by the female top management and one up-market hair salon in Harare was actually paid US$25, 000 (P250, 000) for the provision of services.

I can bet this hair salon belongs to someone in management or that the owner has links in Zinara.

How one would have no shame to abuse public funds in this manner and to such an extent really beats me.

By the way, Zinara is the parastatal responsible for the country’s tollgates.

The money collected at the tollgates is supposed to go towards roads construction and maintenance yet here we are paying toll fees so that the management at this organisation can change hairstyles every week if not every day.

The audit also revealed that Zinara spent US$4, 000 (P40, 000) on each director to buy and install gym equipment at their homes yet still went on to pay their monthly gym subscriptions at some of the most exclusive clubs in Harare!

Surely these people have no shame or conscience and deserve to be punished for this but sadly that will not be the case.

As if this was not enough, the management was also paid US$3, 000 (P30, 000) each to buy corporate wear as if they are not handsomely paid to buy clothes with their personal money.

While the Transport Minister promised heads would roll at the parastatal and that some people would actually get arrested following these sordid revelations, history has taught us they might actually get off scot free.

If anything, those implicated will be dismissed and still get a golden handshake despite having blown so much money.

In other news, there are reports that former President, Robert Mugabe’s dairy company, Alpha and Omega has fallen on hard times.

Apparently, just like most companies in the country which are finding the going tough, itis struggling to access foreign currency to buy ingredients.

During his time at the helm, the company was the epitome of success and knew no struggles as the first family could get any amounts of money from the central bank with no questions asked.

The company also reportedly had tenders to supply the army, the police and some schools with its products.

But all those privileges ended when Mugabe’s power came to an end.

I am sure wherever the former Presidentis, he is cursing and swearing at those who booted him out.

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In the following article this is about this Grace Mugabe who goes round the globe beating up people this time at her home if it is not with her fists that she did to the photographer , she is beating up a woman with a cable, it is with her shoe and her fist this is how she illtreats her servants “Grace Mugabe brutal attack on domestic worker left her face pouring blood May 15, 2019 “Grace Mugabe, the wife of former Zimbabwean ruler Robert Mugabe, has been accused of attacking an employee at the family’s home with a shoe… Read more »


“The former housekeeper, who has a newborn child and whose husband is unemployed, said she had never been fired and wanted her job and benefits but had failed to persuade Mr Mugabe’s administration to reinstate her.”

This Mugabe woman should be sent for “therapy” before she attacks another person
So far it has been a Photographer, Model, now a Housekeeper one wonders who will be next to be attacked by her