A Francistown man, who confessed to breaking into a shop and stealing cash amounting to P7 656, was last Thursday remanded in custody in the Francistown magistrates’ court.

27-year-old Tumelano Poloko of Newstands, was convicted on his own plea of guilty to the offences of shop breaking and theft when he appeared before Francistown magistrate Sijabuliso Siziba.

Unemployed Poloko is expected back in court next Friday (May 2nd 2014) for sentencing. Prior to his return to court, Poloko will be fi ngerprinted as the police want to establish if the accused person does not have any previous convictions.

The prosecution is insisting on searching for the accused person’s previous convictions because he is suspected to be one of the criminals that have been terrorizing residents of Newstands and the greater Francistown area.

Police are of the belief that they have made a breakthrough in their bid to bust criminals who break into shops and homes before stealing electrical gadgets, foodstuff s and people’s valuables
to be sold on the black market.

According to the police, areas such as Newstands and Satellite have been experiencing increased incidents of burglary, housebreaking and shop breaking in the past few months. And the suspicion is that the accused person is one of these criminals.

Prosecutor Ronny Mmuso told the court, “We are still searching for the accused person’s previous convictions through fi ngerprinting.”

The agreed particulars of the off ences are that the accused person used a big metal cutter to break into the Reja Re Eme shop situated at Satellite shopping complex in Francistown on April 12th 2014.

Upon gaining entry into the shop, the court heard that the accused person who was alone at the time of the incident ransacked the shop and managed to locate a place where cash amounting to P7,656 was stashed.

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