Most residents of Lobatse and surrounding areas agree that there are only three institutions in Lobatse that make up that town. The three are the old High Court, Sbrana Psychiatric Hospital and of course Extension Gunners Football Club. The Lobatse side is however one of the underachievers of local football despite their large following. After winning the league and Coke cups in the nineties they were nowhere near glory for a decade. It was only last year that they clinched the Coke Cup again.

This Sunday the team faithful are expected to throng the Civic Centre for a crisis meeting. The crisis indaba should be an Ordinary Annual General Meeting but indications are that there will be fireworks at the meeting. Like in the past the old Gunners committee members are reportedly on the sidelines to mastermind another elections even though constitutionally this is not an election year.
Just a fortnight ago six out of the eight committee members resigned their positions leaving only the chairman and treasure. The men had to return after team elders asked them to re-visit their decision.

Speaking to some of the members on condition of anonymity they revealed that the chairman will be all alone on Saturday and they want elections because his leadership style is questionable.
“We will tell the registered members how we have been doing. We need to take stock of ourselves. We may end up going for elections because you can’t co-opt as many as more than half of the committee members,” one member said.
Gunners chairman William Maboane told Voice Sport that this is not an elections meeting and as such they are not expecting anything to do with that this Sunday.

“We will convene in Lobatse at the civic centre and members need to pay P150 as membership renewals or new joining fees. We had a problem with certain committee members but that has been sorted now. We had differences for the good of Gunners. As you are aware we have started a very strong initiative of even getting a technical sponsor. If we change leadership that may scare these potential business partners away. So I want to encourage all the Gunners faithful to come to the meeting with sober minds,” he said.
Although he didn’t reveal the potential technical sponsor Voice Sport has it on good authority that they have since agreed with All Kasi to come back on board.

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