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If this was war we have definitely lost a major battle. The terminal end to our Coca-Cola cup campaign was a huge blow to our hopes of picking up any silverware this season. After the game it was all tears in the Chiefs dressing room. We cried like orphans. Of course I didn’t expect flowers from the Gunners fans, and football can be a cruel game, but I was shocked and hurt to see the way they taunted me after the game.
We didn’t go into this game underestimating them, and it was not a question of being over confident.  There is no way we would have misjudged the threat they posed for the entire 120 minutes. We knew we were in for a battle and were up for the game  – it is just that on the day they rose to the occasion.

Bill Shankly

There is a famous quote from the legendary Liverpool manager Bill Shankly who once said: “Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I don’t like that attitude. I can assure them it is much more serious than that!”
Personally I don’t think football is that important in the overall scheme of things, but like death it is a situation where you cry and let go after some days. So shall it be with the players at Chiefs. We are grown-ups and have to lift our heads up. In football if you don’t move on you can’t be a good team or player. It was an unexpected loss especially as the Chiefs family and football people were used to Chiefs winning all the time. But if you have high expectations you are bound to be let down if you fail. However we have to accept the loss with good grace and get on with our lives on and off the field.

JUBILANT: Gunners players after downing Chiefs

Although they were not most peoples’ favourites, on the day the best teams have won. It will make for an interesting and hopefully entertaining Coke final. Both teams are good and can stick to their game plans. Even though we hammered Motlakase before we lost to Gunners, they are not a bad side. It is just that they met us while we were on fire and we took and buried our chances well. Although my money is on Gunners, it will not be a walk over.

For me it will be great to play our game on Good Friday or even good Thursday. For the past six years I have never spent the Easter holidays with my family. A lot of the time I have been in the Zebras camp, so it will be good to finally have quality moments with the family.
It will also be nice to get an Easter goal to go with the Easter eggs.

We may have been knocked out of the Coke cup, but all is not yet lost. We will not give up on the league until it becomes mathematically impossible to win it. We are still in with an outside chance although we will have to rely on other teams doing us a favour or two. For many clubs a game against Rollers is like playing a cup-tie and they raise their game for the occasion, so you never know. I would rather it were in our own hands, but all we can do is keep winning and hoping.

Like Chiefs over the weekend I believe the public servants strike is not as effective as it should be. I don’t think a real strike would see so many civil servants still going to work. I see my fiancée still working daily. Maybe it’s because there is only room for one striker in our relationship, and the only strike I am interested in is the one that hits the back of the net.
Enjoy the Easter holidays and your sporting long weekend. Please stay safe and don’t drink and drive.

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