Guma, where art thou?

Tati East Member of Parliament (MP) Samson Guma Moyo has a knack for courting controversy with very little effort.

Moyo, who intends to stand for the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Secretary General position at the party’s July Congress, shocked the nation recently with claims he was the target of an assassination plot.

The veteran legislator was quoted in some local publications claiming to have fled the country fearing for his life.

This is not the first time Moyo has voiced concern over his safety.

Following his damning 2018 report on the National Petroleum Fund, through the Public Accounts Committee, Moyo, together with committee member Dithapelo Keorapetse, insisted the DIS were planning to kill them, a claim which was dismissed by the spy agency.

Despite the seriousness of his recent assertions, some constituents in Tati East have emphatically dismissed their MP, and instead demand that he focus on their needs.

The Voice’s Kabelo Dipholo interviewed residents in Matshelagabedi to get their take on their absent MP.

Nkatumelang Chilila (27)

I last saw my Member of Parliament after voting for him in 2014. Now I only hear about him on radio stations and Botswana Television. He never sets foot here.

I heard that he has fled to South Africa fearing for his life but I don’t believe him.

I don’t think anyone will be killed, not in this country. This must be his way of playing politics – he’s good at it!

I’ll vote for him again this year, but he has to stop these games.

Thato Botha (21)

I’ll be voting for the first time this year and I’m going to vote Moyo, despite his lies about his life being in danger.

I’ve always heard my parents complaining about him neglecting his area and focusing on his businesses.

Recently, I heard rumours that he wants to be the President and has formed a new party called New Jerusalem.

I don’t know if all this is true, hopefully he’ll tell us when he comes back from South Africa.

Teko Mpalo (63)

I no longer know who Guma is. The last time he was here was before Independence last year.

Now I’m shocked to hear that he’s against President Masisi and wants Venson-Moitoi to be President.

I can tell you right now that Guma is not representing us. We had meetings and we all want Masisi to be President.

Now, we are also told that he’s hiding in South Africa. Is he coming back? Is he still standing for elections?

We are all confused because at this time door-to-door campaigns should be heating up, but there’s nothing on the ground.

We have been cursed, we don’t have an MP!

Rosina D Montshiwa (74)

I hope you are not Guma’s spy. Your red and white shirt is suspicious, but I don’t really care because I have suffered long enough.

We don’t have an area MP. We don’t even know who Guma is.

That is why he’s running to South Africa and not to the people who voted for him.

When it comes to Matshelagabedi, we are literally voting for a poster, because that’s what we usually see.

Guma never set foot here and the people are tired of him. Now it has got even worse when we learnt that he plans to remove Masisi as President.

Who sent him? We are happy with Masisi, just as we were happy with Khama.

Boineelo Kebaganne (32)

The last time I saw Guma was in a newspaper. He was holding a briefcase and apparently he was fleeing to South Africa as he claimed some people want to kill him.

I laughed when I saw that, I mean why didn’t he run away during Khama’s presidency?

It raises eyebrows that he’s running away at a time when BURS and DCEC are after him.

I’m convinced Guma is running away from his crimes.

Ditiro Mmutle (30)

I know Guma very well. He recruited me from Botswana Peoples Party – I know all his tricks and I can tell him to his face.

There’s nothing like an assassination plot, not in Botswana.

It however could be a good thing if he runs away and stays there forever because he’s not adding any value to the people here.

Look at Matshelagabedi, the closest village to Francistown, but it is so dusty. Nothing is happening here because we don’t have a representative.

Now he’s teaming up with people and fighting battles that we have no interest in.

All we want is for him to send our concerns to parliament.

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