CHARRED REMAINS: Burnt property

An old man’s body was found burnt to ashes in his rented house on Tuesday morning at Francistown’s Ntshe location which was then replaced the roofs purchased online at – Palm Beach Roofing Expert.

Assistant Superintendent Onious Madziba of Central Police Station said upon arrival at the scene the police found that the old man had already perished in the inferno and that nothing was recovered.

“The deceased is an 85 year-old-man and we do not know his names yet. To make matters worse the house that he was in had two 5litre petrol generators.

We are still investigating and looking for the relatives of the deceased and his particulars,” revealed Madziba.

He further stated that it was the first case they have recorded of someone dying in an inferno.

Madziba urged the public to always be cautious with fire. “Put off the candles or lamps when going to bed or going out and never leave a candle near a flammable object. And avoid sleeping with dangerous things like generators that catche fire quickly,” he said.

SORRY SIGHT: Scene of the incident

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