TARGETED: Government vehicle and driver attacked

BX vehicle smashed up by mob as strike spirals out of control

A terrified government driver who was  on Tuesday caught in a pitched battle between scores of hardcore striking  government employees and the police has told of his dangerous encounter with the angry mob.

The targeted attack on Mmusi Tabona happened when hundreds of irate strikers that had paralyzed a section of the city of Francistown with their protests vented their fury on the government Isuzu Double Cab he was driving.

Tabona, a driver with the Roads Department was on duty driving his boss from the bank to their offices when  he found himself in the middle of an angry mob that pelted the Isuzu truck with stones and any other objects they could lay their hands on.

Visibly shaken the 27-year old driver said,”As we  approached the circle, I sensed that there was something wrong, even though police were directing traffic. No sooner had I asked my colleague what was the problem than I  had noticed that hundreds  of  strikers that had blocked roads with burning tryes and large boulders had just been dispersed by the cops with tear gas and rubber bullets.”

Trying to avoid the danger ahead, Tabona took a detour only to play into the hands of the charging strikers carrying bricks and sticks. The furious mob protesting against the government’s proposed 3% salary hike after seven weeks of  an intense industrial action immediately descended on his car, sticks and stones.

“As I drew closer to them and they recognized the car I was driving as a government vehicle from its number plates, the strikers lost it and immediately came after us furiously hurling bricks and other objects at us,” said the driver who managed to speed off to save his dear life and that of his boss.

“My focus was to get out of the mob alive, so I just slammed on the accelerator and sped off at about 100km/hr on a bumpy and dusty road into the location behind the Nzano mall,” he said. But that was after the  mob had already smashed the Isuzu’s back window on the canopy and caused damage to the body of the twin cab truck.

“ The strike is now turning ugly and things are getting out of hand. An amicable solution has to be reached before worse damage can take place,”said the worried driver who  was glad to have escaped unharmed.

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wht a shame i totally feel sorry 4 our nation we r rily gtn lost, i js dnt understnd y pple hv to vandalize gvnment property bare ba gamola goromente where else go itshenyetsa bone,y do thy hv to harm this innocent driver if i whr u i could hv ran ova thm ke ba robaba maotonyana a

Such a brave boy, o ratile go bona bontsho ntsalaka.

Mare why this people basa akante jaana, how can you solve mathata ka a mangwe. (Gao kake wa tima molelo ka paraffin tota) that would be a very big bomata.

Daniel Ben

Nd i dont think this van was loaded with the money they are looking for.Now reality is a lot of money shall go towards damages such as this and chances of them getting 16% any sooner dwindle by each moment…eish its gonna take quiet a while.When the value of this strike is finally spelt out in figures people are going to be shocked…the RESULT…a further delay in salary increament of any sort.Mo ke gone go ithaba ka thipa mpeng.

Chris M

For some strange reason, unions see government as some entity out there and they are a separate one. They think they can destroy that government to teach ‘her’ a lesson and they will be left unscathed with a gleeful smile on their faces. Hard to fathom that twisted thinking! That’s why some of them think government has lost and they have won something in this strike! Yet whatever the government suffers get translated into public suffering, including sacking people to save money when the going gets really tough. This strike has only helped to show what kind of people have… Read more »


Where are opposition parties leaders? akere bare ba support strike cos they care for peoples lives? jaanong ke eng ba sa tsweledise support ba bontsha dimata tsa bone gore baa senya, kana bone ba bona go siame fela? mmxxwwiim……….

le gale ka batshwana fela ke dimata kwa…..