FILE PIC: Minister Ralotsia

Farmers have been left in the lurch following government’s decision to stop supplying free fertilisers under the Integrated Support Programme for Arable Agricultural Development (ISPAAD) programme.

Minister of Agricultural Development and Food Security, Patrick Ralotsia, this morning (Tuesday 7th, November 2017) announced that Government has revoked the requirement under the ISPAAD programme to supply farmers with fertilizers.

Unscrupulous use of the resources has led to the stoppage of the services as millions of Pula have been squandered by shady dealings on the part of suppliers and the farmers.

The Minister has vowed to bring the culprits to book.

“Some claim to have made and received deliveries while they have not,” he said, adding that the ministry is coming after those in the wrong and will exercise the full extent of the law.

The Minister cited that though temporary, the programme for the provisions will be assessed and brought back.

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