dare to be different:One of the latest hairstyles

Hairstyles come in different categories, sizes and hair texture.
Natural hair, relaxed, hair extensions, weaves, wigs, dreadlocks, bold  and afro we have seen it all and most of the time these hairstyles are influenced by fashion trends.

Of late the ‘in thing’ seems to be cutting the hair on the sides and doing any funky style with the remaining hair on top. However it’s not everyone who can spot this type of hairstyle as it also comes with age.
Young ones can do and experiment with any hairstyle because their age allows them but unfortunately the same cannot be said for those who have seen more years in the world. Imagine a 50 year old spotting the Rihanna type of hairstyle, it just won’t be presentable.

Three in one: Lorato and here fashionable hairstyle

Besides the age factor and fashion trend the shape of the face should also be considered when choosing a hairstyle so that one looks her best the moment she steps out of a hair saloon. Hairdressers know better when it comes to these issues.
But whatever age or face shape we all have bad hair days, days when our hair looks so bad we just want to stuff it under a cap and be done with it.

The good thing is that of late there are many solutions to bad hair days that come in the form of wigs. Of course this comes as a solution if you have one so that when you wake on the wrong side of your hair, you just put on your wig and hit the road.
Hair extensions which also come long, short, black, brown, gold have also become a solution to those who don’t know what to do with their hair and I must say creators of these fake hairs are very creative as they have come up with all sorts of styles, both wacky and laid back.

keeping it simple and natural

Dreadlocks have also been a hit with hairdressers coming up with all sorts of ways of styling them to create that different look instead of the usual pony tail.
And one thing for sure though is that with all these hairstyles, wigs, weaves and extensions at our disposal bad hair days no longer seem to be a headache. It’s all good days, one just has to choose what suits and makes her comfortable and of course consider the fashion aspect as well.

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