Good deed turns fatal
DECEASED: Loago Ronald Mnanyane

Boy, 16 dies after a blood donation

What was meant to be a good deed and national service ended in tragedy for young 16- year- old Loago Ronald Monanyane.

The former Mannathoko Secondary School form three student was laid to rest last Saturday in Serowe after mysteriously dying a few minutes after donating blood.

While postmortem results show that the young man suffered heart failure, his family is adamant that Sekgoma Memorial Hospital staff’s negligence could be the cause of their beloved son’s untimely death.

The late boy’s uncles told The Voice in an exclusive interview that even though the boy died in hospital after donating blood to boost their bank, the hospital staff has been indifferent.

“We can’t just believe that an energetic boy who played softball and football every weekend could just die of heart failure,” said his 60 year old uncle Bakgobi Monanyane.

Good deed turns fatal
CONCERNED: Uncle Bakgobi Monanyane and Councillor Kedikilwe

The grieving uncle, said his nephew donated blood and immediately complained of dizziness.

“We were told he did not even have enough blood as he failed to provide expected quantity,” he said.

Monanyane said while his nephew collapsed after playing football there is no how they can’t link it to his blood donation.

“Government and the hospital must take responsibility. We are not happy with the response they have given us,” he said adding; “It is their don’t care attitude that is even more heartbreaking.”

He said contrary to traditional norm, not a single official from the hospital has set foot at their home.

“My nephew only meant to donate blood, not his life,” he said.

The family who had to keep the corpse in the mortuary for two weeks hoping to get answers said they had no choice but to eventually lay the boy to rest.

“If we had the means we could have brought our own pathologist. But we could not afford it and the mortuary bill was escalating,” said another uncle Tumo Monanyane.

Tumo said what is even more shocking is that they were called to the hospital and shown their loved one, frozen in the mortuary.

“We are not even sure if he was dead before he was frozen because we never saw him,” he said.

“I saw frozen tears on his cheeks and my suspicion is he was not dead by the time his body was frozen,” he said.

Ronald’s distraught mother Chandapiwa Monanyane appealed to the Office of the President and anyone who can help to do so in order for the family to find closure.

Good deed turns fatal
MOM: Chandapiwa Monanyane

“Its impossible to move on when there is this lingering doubt that my son could have died due to negligence,” she said.

The heartbroken mother said somethings just doesn’t add up which calls for thorough investigations.

“No one should die for doing good. Sekgoma staff told us that his corpse will leave for Francistown on Thursday for postmortem, only to learn that he left on Wednesday.”

“How do we even know they sent the right corpse,” she asked with a heavy sigh.

Area Councillor Onalepelo Kedikilwe also said he is not happy with the way government treated this matter.

“It doesnt matter who is wrong or right, at the end of the day a human being died and the concerned parties should have shown remorse,not to dump the corpse and move on as nothing has happened,” said Kedikilwe.

The Botswana Democratic Party Councillor for Palamaokuwe ward said it does not make sense for authorities to say the boy had inflated lungs and blockage in his arteries after his death.

“They let him donate blood because they found him to be a healthy person,” said Kedikilwe.

“If he was not healthy then he should never have donated blood. Something was not done right and someone has to take responsibility,” he said.

Sekgoma Memorial Hospital Management referred all questions to the Ministry of Health who had not responded at the time of going to print.

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