MISSING: Thusoyaone Telekelo

Chief blamed for son’s disappearance as missing persons number rises
65 people still missing since 2009
Ranaka village Chief, Kgosi Karabo Telekelo, has denied accusations that he was behind the disappearance of his mentally disturbed foster son.
As concerns mount over the rising number of missing people, the mysterious disappearance of Thusoyaone Telekelo, 42, has sent tongues wagging as accusing fingers point to the village chief. Concerned villagers this week told The Voice that it had taken the village head four months to take Thusoyaone’s disappearance seriously. “It has been a while since we last saw this man.
He was not mentally stable but he loved people and we all knew him because he had befriended everyone. We thought that the family may have taken him to visit other relatives but we were surprised when the Chief told us recently that the last time they saw him was after the burial of his wife four months ago. The police definitely have to interrogate the chief and get to the bottom of this matter Why did he not tell us all this time.? wondered 58-year old Kabelo Tlhage.

Another worried villager, 19-year old Kabelo Ramotsomi said he was also surprised that his friend had been missing for so long. “We only started looking for him last Sunday and it’s so surprising that it took so long for the announcement to be made. Something is fishy about this and you should have brought detectives from Gaborone to seriously investigate the case,” he said. 
Thusoyaone was last seen on May 6, a day after his foster mother’s burial at Ranaka village.
As a habitual wanderer due to his mental condition, the family say they did not bother to look for him as they thought he would come back as usual. Kgosi Telekelo says they reported his disappearance to the police a week after he went missing. “That was when we started looking for him and the police also came and helped but without any success. He disappeared without a trace after my wife’s burial and as the search continued we contacted various churches and prophets who told us that he was still alive and being used as a zombie by some village elders,” he said.

Telekelo is aware of the accusations that are being leveled against him and has denied blame for Thusoyaone’s disappearance. “People are accusing me of killing him for ritual purposes but it’s all lies aimed at tarnishing my image. We have contacted traditional doctors and they told us that Thusoyaone has been turned into a zombie and is being used by some village elders. The Kanana Church has been visiting us for prayers and last weekend the ZCC church also visited us,” said the chief.
Superintendent Baakile Moshashane of Sejelo Police in Kanye confirmed Thusoyaone’s disappearance but pleaded with anyone with information to inform the police.

Defence, Justice and Security Minister Dikgakgamatso Seretse on Tuesday told parliament that a total of 1 310 people aged between the ages of 2 and 86 were reported missing between 2009 and 2011 of which 650 were females and 660 were males. “From that number 137 were from the Southern District with 77 males and 60 females and 5 males and 2 females were from Kanye.”
Seretse said 1 175 were later found alive and 70 dead while 65 are still missing. “In the Southern District 119 were found alive while 12 were dead and 6 are still missing,” he said.

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We are too complacent with these disappearances.


Eish,ba jele sdao sa modimo

kgang ya gonyelela ga batho ke mathata fela malatsi a,o ka re ke poko.ke tlholwa ke batho ba ba reng batho ba tshela mme ba sa bantshe,ke go gakaletsa batho ba bangwe kutlobotlhoko fela mo.ga bana mosola le dikereke tsa teng.