Gold diggers
Gold diggers

On Monday afternoon, Voice cartoonist, Lesole Ntshole boarded a taxi from Boseja in Mochudi to his home when he overheard a conversation between the driver and some passengers on how some young women befriend men for money.

DRIVER: I think I’m done being in relationships with younger women. It’s time to look for a mature lady of my age.

SPECIAL CONSTABLE LADY: (laughs) what happened between you and that girl you were in a relationship with?

DRIVER: These young women don’t know what they want. The other evening when I called her, she told me never to call her again as that would anger her boyfriend.

SPECIAL CONSTABLE LADY: Ma 14 (young women) are always after money. Even if you’re faithful to them, they’ll always fall for other men with money behind your back.

DRIVER: To tell you the truth, I loved her. I was even planning to make her the mother of my child.

A few months later, she called and asked me to come to her place. I never did because I lost interest and trust in her.

MEN IN SHORTS: I guess the reason she called you is that her other boyfriend had dumped her after getting what he wanted from her.

DRIVER: The girl would ask for money to buy an ice cream for P27.00 at KFC.

When I asked her why she doesn’t buy a P5.00 ice cream from street vendors, she’d tell me how old-fashioned I was. (laughter).

MEN IN SHORTS: These ma 14 want you to pop out money every month end. If you tell them you want to buy building materials, they’d accuse you of being stingy.

At least an older woman would understand that you want to spend money on something valuable.

The conversation ends as the man alights from the taxi at a stop opposite Spar Supermarket.

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