I have been debating a certain change for the past two years, yes, it takes me that long to make certain decisions on certain issues. Going bold has been my desire but the fear of the unknown, that is how I’ll look hairless has been pulling me back.  I know that these days, a lot of ladies are cutting their hair, one might it’s now a trend, a fashion statement maybe, who knows.  With me the issue is that my hair has stopped growing so I figured cutting it will obviously allow for new hair that will, with the grace of God grow much longer.

Like I mentioned earlier, the terrors of my looks post the hair cut are pulling me back, especially that my head shape doesn’t exactly favour this idea. I think that people with round heads look gorgeous with short or no hair for example Pabi Moloi  and Meme of Muvhago, not forgetting our very own beauty Ms Kaone Kario, but for some of us, “the egg heads”, this is not the case. Another thing is the upcoming season, winter that is, it’s definitely not advisable to cut one’s hair at this time of the year.

Imagine the cold air that’ll be brushing against my naked head, oh gosh, I get the chills just thinking of it.
OK, so I’m coming up with a whole lot of reasons not to go bold but hey, who could blame me… This is one of the biggest step that a girl can ever make regarding her appearance.

Anyhow, so I told one of my guy friends about my plan to cut my hair and he was not too impressed . He even told me that if I cut my hair, he’ll disown me until my long hair grows back. I just couldn’t understand what the big deal was, a girl cutting her hair, I mean after all it is just hair, it grows back after 5 months or so. So I was told that guys prefer girls with hair, they don’t want to be walking around with a girl and her head shinning while he’s head is also shinning or going for a hair cut with the girlfriend. This is said to be not on, my friend was soo passionate about this so I decided to ask other guys if they felt the same way

Thato Sereetsi

Thato Sereetsi, 23
Do you think a bald girl is sexy?
It’s rare to see a girl who’s bold but most of those who are have funny head shapes so it doesn’t suit them. I would definitely prefer a girl with hair. So NO! I do not think it’s sexy.
What do you think of the in trend of partly shaving ones hair?
Some girls look good with their half shaved heads but others look just too crazy for my liking. However, if it suits a girl, I don’t have a problem with it. After all, when I approach a girl, I’m not after the girls’ hair, I’m after her.

Pako Bagopa, 19
Would you be ok with your girlfriend shaving her hair?
I would not be ok with it, she would look more like a guy. Again I might have approached her because she looked beautiful with her hair so when she cuts her hair, she might not look as good as she looked before.
Do you think I would l still look hot with no hair?
I’m not too sure, I would advise you to shorten it at least but not shave it all off.

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