FILE PIC: Dead goats

Five goats were recently found dead after drinking water inside a Water Utilities Cooperation (WUC) treatment plant in Makalamabedi village near Maun.

Allegedly the water was contaminated and the owners have been hoping for compensation from the state.

A veterinary report confirmed that they were poisoned but could not state the source of the deadly poison.

According to the Minister of Land Management, Water and Sanitation, Kefentse Mzwinila, the deaths cannot be linked to the WUC water because the veterinary report was not conclusive in that regard.

Quoting the report this week in Parliament, Mzwinila noted that:“cause of death was most likely poisoning, but we cannot say for sure which poison did the damage, although the history suggested something in the water at the plant may have been the cause. That conclusion does not tell us whether it is the water or not, based on what the veterinary office wrote.”

Mzwinila was responding to a question by Maun East member of parliament, Kostantinos Markus, who had asked him to state the number of goats that died at the said plant due to water contamination.

He further asked Mzwinila to state as to when the owners of the dead goats will be compensated and if the minister was aware of the veterinary report that confirmed that the goats died as a result of some poison they ingested through the contaminated water.

In response Mzwinila further contended that, “Currently there are no plans for compensation as there is no basis for such. Should any claims arise they will be assessed based on their merits. The report from the veterinary office that my ministry is aware of does not link the deaths of the goats to ingestion of water from the treatment plant.”