Go green, maybe not!
Go green , BW karate team

If you’ve been wondering why the national Karate team which took part in the just ended UFAK Championships in Gaborone faired badly, you’re in luck.

Besides complaints of favouritism in squad selection and terrible lodging facilities, the team apparently was embarrassed by a directive from management.

Shaya has learnt that just a day before the tournament started, athletes went for a catchy hairstyle, tinting their hair green.

Apparently management was not happy with the colour and ordered the boys to wipe off the green from their heads.

Yours Truly learnt that management said the tint would have been OK, if it was blue, black and white.

“You’ll look stupid should you face Nigeria in the tournament!” the athletes were apparently told.

The boys egos were reportedly bruised and may explain their awful performance during the tournament, when they failed to win a single gold medal.

Maybe going green isn’t the right thing to do after all; let’s go gold next time.