Tirelo Bryan Kusane
Go-getter: Tirelo Bryan Kusane

Up coming businessman hits a jackpot

Following the recent outcry from members of the youth about a lack of jobs, 35-year-old marketing manager, Tirelo Bryan Kusane, has illustrated how if one omits lethargy from their daily routine and instead injects it with perseverance, one may create their own job.

Voice reporter Tumisang M Tlhabiwe met up with the determined go-getter to find out a bit more about him and his newly founded business.

Q: What is the name of your company and what does it do?

Kids Card Investment. Currently we are producing Bots 50 anniversary memorabilia.

Q: What kind of memorabilia?

Wall clocks, Bots 50 branded water and Bots 50 anniversary books.

Q: How many people do you employ?

We currently employ 77 youth members in production of the products and 53 women in the production chain.

Q: What inspired the wall clock?

We wanted to make something different and unique that would complement the official photograph of the President.

Q: Can you briefly describe the process that goes into making the watch?

We use frames and wood made and sold in Botswana by Batswana.

We assemble the watch at our offices in Commerce Park and sometimes at our respective homes.

Q: How many units can you make a day?

Five hundred to a thousand. So far we’ve sold a hundred and we have only just started.

Q: How much does the watch retail for?

Two thousand Pula.

Q: Have you been endorsed by anyone?

Yes, we’ve been endorsed by The Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture and Bots 50 committee.

Minister Thapelo Olopeng liked the idea so he decided to support us.

Q: What is the idea behind the water?

The idea of water came from the fact that in government meetings I always saw government members drinking water not produced locally.

Q: What makes your water special?

Every water bottle has fun facts about Botswana and its history to let us know where we have come from.

We’ve also incorporated the three chiefs who gained us independence and the bottle caps when put together create the Bots flag.

We also make ginger. As you know when Batswana are happy they tend to indulge in ginger beverages.

It is also accredited by BOBS (Botswana Bureau of Standards).

Q: How much does the water and ginger retail for?

They both sell for P7.

Q: What is the idea behind the book?

Well Botswana is turning 50 years old so we decided to create a book titled Play Your Part which in essence is about what local existing companies have contributed to Botswana’s economy in the past 50 years.

So each company will get a page in the book in which they can tell their story.

Each company that has bought a page will be invited to an interview and documentary dinner where the various companies will have a table of ten.

Q: How much does a page in the book cost?

A page is thirty thousand Pula. It includes a dinner for ten, BTV coverage and a radio interview on RB2.

Tirelo Bryan Kusane
100 PERCENT MADE IN BOTSWANA: Kusane holding one of his products

Q: When is the book coming out?

On Independence Day.

Q: Do you have any plans for expansion?

It’s going to be an annual book and we also want to do one for South Africa, Zambia and other countries.

So there’ll be a Play Your Part South Africa, Zambia etc.

Q: What does your company do in terms of corporate social responsibility?

We are going to donate a nominal fee to a just cause with a currently unidentified organisation.

Q: Seeing as your business was inspired by Bots 50 celebrations, where do you see Botswana in the next 10 years?

In 10 years time I see Botswana extremely developed with an uplifted economy.

This I think will be done through the creation of numerous businesses.

Q: Do you have any words of encouragement for the youth that strive to own their own businesses?

The government provides many avenues for the youth to prosper.

This is great but has the effect of lulling many of them into false security and they get absorbed into a comfort zone.

I want to encourage the youth to get up and attempt to create their own businesses instead of always expecting handouts.

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