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Remember the article I wrote, “Sweep her off her feet” which got mixed reactions from you readers? Well, I did the opposite this time.

I asked a few guys how they feel about girls who ask them out and the right tactics of approaching a guy. I decided to this because I have noticed that most girls are afraid of approaching guys. Even if the girl really likes the guy, she would rather die internally than pour her heart out and say what she feels.

And the few girls that make move on guys are seen as… you know, names that can’t be said publicly, gatwe ba magalamasukwe gape ba a phapaha. This is not the case people, actually most guys like it when a girl takes the lead.
You see guys are tired of having to be the first to make a move every time, gatwe it shows confidence of a girl to make a move on a guy.

One guy friend of mine said it will actually be a twist to the cat and mouse game, this time the mouse will be chasing the cat, which is well… HOT! So ladies when you like a guy and you can somehow see that the guy digs you back mme go sena nko e e tswang lemina (but when non of you are making a move), step up and take the lead. There’s an 85% chance that you’ll win. However, do not chase around other peoples’ men because it will definitely come back to haunt you. THAT’S THE GOLDEN RULE! Find a single guy to prey on.
I had a chat with one guy friend of mine Kago Kebitseng on ways to approach a guy and these are his tips:

1. If you guys are sitting far apart, steal a glance, don’t stare at him. If you stare, you will freak him out and you don’t want that, trust me. If he catches you looking at him look away. Doing this makes him curious, he will want to know why you keep on looking at him and one major bonus is that if he catches you stealing a glance at him, he’ll also keep on looking at you checking if you still checking him out.. Stealing those glances make him know that you are feeling him and this excites him as well. If his with his friends, he’ll definitely brag about it which will boost his ego.This is a good thing, believe me.

2. When talking to the guy, you may forget everything but your CONFIDENCE. Apparently confidence in a girl makes her shine and interesting. It’s said to be sexy, even if he’s in a group, don’t shy away, walk up straight to him. Now this is an advantage, if you approach him when he’s with his boys, it shows you are a star and definitely not a chicken. Remember be polite, talk to his friends as well. Introduce yourself and insist on knowing the group’s names as well.

3. I think if I was in such a situation I would ask to sit with the guys and interact with them. I wouldn’t ask my target for a moment alone away from the group. Charm his friends and you charm him. I mean, I’m just saying, I’m bold like that. Obviously talk more with the one you like, pay more attention to him.
* If he’s not with his friends, then good for you as it will be easier. You just walk up to him and chat with him.

4. Now EYE CONTACT is said to be magical.
Look at him the whole time when talking to him.

5. Though guys act tough and all, apparently they want girls to be clingy and to focus on them. So don’t do anything but look in his eye when talking to him.

6. Now this is very important, KEEP THE CONVERSATION FLOWING. Say what ever comes to your mind. Don’t think too much, just go with the flow. NO AWKWARD SILENCE PLEASE! Remember, it’s all on you.
NOTE: Now with guys it’s a different story as to ladies. You know with ladies we just hate it when a guy comes up and start talking the whole time? Well, with guys, a girl can get away with doing most of the talking. Remember most guys are exhausted of always talking and taking the lead every time. They want a bit of a change, they want to take a breather and relax for once. So ladies, chat your tongue away. Talk about yourself, ask a lot of questions. He will definitely like this.
Remember you’re the mouse chasing the cat!!

8. Be yourself! Nothing wrong with being yourself. Don’t be too much of a barbie doll. Don’t talk about your blackberry and your dads’ Range Rover Sport, this is such a huge turn off. Rather talk ka masimo a lona (talk about your farm and all).

9. Now, don’t be afraid to say how you feel. Remember life is too short. What if the guy meets someone and gets married? You will be left miserable.

10. Give him your number or better yet exchange numbers with him. Now, if you did everything right, talked with confidence and all, you’ll definitely leave a mark on his heart and you’ll definitely get a call from Mr Man. If not, you have a problem. Oh don’t forget to let him know that you will be looking forward to seeing him again soon.
Good luck ladies

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Ba bolelele nnaka.AND non of this gay crap kana gongwe ke gore basimane ba bangwe ba diega and someone starts giving up on the opposite sex.They shud also not jump in the sack too quickly,not that it does not play an important role.it does.


Eye contact is powerful. One woman once did that to me when I refused to date her. She looked into the apple of my eye and slowly coming closer to me. I ended up agreeing to be her date. She did not try to be a white woman trapped in a black skin, she was herself.


this article is gr8. it cover most aspects, girls just have to be real about themselves and stop talking about the all white party they went to in LA. talk about sensible staff and we will take you seriously, otherwise you will never get ma call.


Wangu ndi mishoodziiiiii’ haazo ni lamba haazoo ndi duma -waka ndisekale.Come on girls wake up its your turn.

Go tla siama

le tla utlwa o kare le ba bona btla ko go lona ba ipuelela….

G. angel

im a girl, bathong go thata i tried al that. thanx though liking some1 who z nt saying sumthin is a torture ka bo gone.