Giving credit where it’s due
SOBER-MINDED: Mthuli Ncube

For as long as I can remember, the powers that be have always been selfish, never putting the interests of the people first.

But last week, the new dispensation, as they like to call themselves proved they are human after all.

With cholera wrecking havoc in Harare, the finance minister announced that they could not be seen buying luxury cars for the new cabinet and members of parliament when citizens are dying due to the contagious disease.

When that news broke out, a day after I had written in this column that our government is full of a self –centered lot, I was taken aback because this is so unlike our leaders.

At least 45 people have died while more than 6 000 cases have been reported in and outside Harare since the cholera outbreak three weeks ago.

What I had found annoying was that the government had created a health crowd funding campaign to fight cholera and citizens were being asked to donate yet our leaders had not shown any meaningful commitment to curb the spread of this dehumanizing disease.

So when minister Mthuli Ncube announced that they had suspended buying new luxury vehicles and diverted the more than $15 million (P150 million) to the health fund, I thought oh, they finally came to their senses.

The news was also well received by many who felt there really was no need to be buying new vehicles for people who already have cars.

What was also worth noting was that President Emmerson Mnangagwa took a very lean delegation to New York for the ongoing United Nations summit unlike his predecessor, Robert Mugabe whose bloated crew would include all his three children, cousins and friends so they could go shopping at the taxpayer’s expense.

Of course Mnangagwa is trying to impress and prove to all that he is unlike Mugabe but he surely still has a long way to go.

His government, has of late been trying to be seen fighting corruption through the arrest of former cabinet ministers and charging them with criminal abuse of office during their tenure.

Two weeks ago it was former health minister, David Parirenyatwa who was in the dock and this week, Saviour Kasukuwere who served as youth minister before being transferred to local government appeared in court facing similar charges.

In total, five former cabinet ministers have criminal abuse of office charges hanging over their heads.

While it’s good that cows are finally coming home to roost for these former big fish, we can never ignore the fact that they are actually being punished for supporting a Zanu PF faction that was anti-Mnangagwa.

If the president is really serious about fighting corruption then more people should be arrested including some current ministers as they have also been fingered in various corruption cases.

Until then, the new dispensation should just stop blowing its trumpet on fighting corruption.

But they will of course be applauded for doing well, especially in terms of decisions and policies that benefit the masses.

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There could be one side claiming they have stopped purchasing vehicles for the filthy rich ministers and the other side that it is possible that is not true -there has been an outrage . No one knows if it is true Policitians on this continent are not honest people . Why did they Charter a plane for that former first Shopper Grace Mugarbage just to come back to attend her mothers funeral when the money could have been put to better use whilst her husband plundered two countries – the big question – Did he plunder more than one country-… Read more »


” Kutonga Kwaro: Bond note plunges, fuel shortages emerge, prices skyrocket in Zimbabwe
Last updated Oct 6, 2018 58,907 155

By Helen Kadirire

The bond note yesterday crashed to 1:250 against the United States Dollar — sparking panic among ordinary Zimbabweans who have been raging all week over government’s controversial two cents per dollar tax on electronic transactions — which triggered price increases and shortages of goods across the country.”


Most of these leaders on the continent are living on a planet called, “Lavish Lifestyle” they need to be seen and to be held accountable and so must SADC they need to be seen to be accountable not only to the leaders but to the citizens of the region


“Pharmacies Demand Cash October 7, 2018 Share Most pharmacies in the country are refusing to issue drugs to patients on medical insurance, the main doctors’ association said yesterday, leaving thousands to pay cash. Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights (ZADHR) executive director Calvin Fambirai said the economic downturn has resulted in pharmacies rejecting some medical aid cards in the purchase of drugs. The warnings by ZADHR come as Zimbabwe’s fiscus is shrinking fast as the black-market rate for US dollars and other hard currencies keeps rising. Pharmacies import drugs using hard cash sourced largely from the black market. ZADHR… Read more »


“British Airways And Khulula Stop Zim Ticketing
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By Paul Nyathi|British Airways and have withdrawan full ticketing in Zimbabwe with immediate effect.

The airlines indicated that the move comes in light of exchange rate distortions currently prevailing in the country between the local money transfers and the US dollar.

The two airlines made the announcements on Monday morning. “


It is not rocket science on where money should go rather than chartering an expensive plane for a thief who could afford to pay for her own plane and others who live beyond their means in extravagant life trappings through corrupt amongst other things. ” Zimbabwe Prisoners In Dire Straits Converting Tyres to Washing Dishes By reporter263 October 7, 2018 0 Comments Share Tweet Google+ + A tour of Bindura, Pednor and Chawagona prison cells in the Mashonaland Central provincial capital, has revealed that the incarceration facilities are in dire straits and need attention. At the Chawagona and Bindura Prison,… Read more »


“Ex-minister accused of grabbing airline
October 7, 2018 in Local, News
A local businessman has accused former Information Communication Technology minister Supa Mandiwanzira of arm-twisting him to seize control of the now-defunct Rainbow Airlines.”

This ex minister is reportedly to have acquired SNOWGRADERS yes for a country that does not receive any SNOW when he was a minister instead of graders for the roads through a company of his .- He should be held accountable for his actions and dealt with appropriately -but like most this is not the case


This is the conclusion of this article about this Ex Minister who messed up an Airline ““I offered him 40% shareholding, but he argued that as a cabinet minister he wouldn’t like to be seen as a junior partner in the project and he proposed to have 50% shareholding and he was with one Gilbert Muponda, who was introduced as a business partner and would stand in for the minister during negotiations.” Humbe said he acceded to Mandiwanzira’s demands because he was desperate for the project to take off. “Mandiwanzira’s team fronted by Muponda started to be too aggressive against… Read more »