I have made an observation about the opposite sex.

You know how we all have to pass a stage in our development as human beings, I mean, there’s the infant stage, the toddler, the teenager, the youth and the adult and finally the elderly. All these stages of human development have certain characters, discoveries and interests that an individual makes.

For example, with the toddlers there has to be a point in time where they become selfish and self-centered, you know, whereby the child thinks everything is theirs. And then with the teenagers and the early youth, they have to experience a time whereby their hormones rage and sometimes unfortunately become uncontrollable.

Now, I’ve discovered that with all the guys that I’ve lived with, my brothers, my cousins, they all passed a stage whereby they hid porn videos in the house. I hope none of them comes across this particular article or else I’m as good as dead. Again my mom has told me about some of her friends finding out that their teenage sons watch porn.

I must say, with us girls, well, most of us don’t go all out to get a porn video unlike our male friends, but anyhow, that’s a story for another day. So now I’ve had chats with some of my many guy friends about this issue. I have also done my own little research to figure out if indeed every guy has watched or rather, enjoyed watching porn in their young lives.

All of the guys that I talked to did confess to have owned at least one porn video especially when the best porn discount is available! Astonishing I tell ya, astonishing. I then thought to myself, maybe porn is essential to a boy’s development, maybe it’s an essential phase that they have to go through.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not a big fan of porn, nor would I want my little brother to watch it, I mean what does one gain from watching porn? Once again these are some issues that lie within different people’s morals and of course in such issues one needs to be objective rather than subjective.

So I then asked these guys why they watch porn and most of them said they watch it for fun while some said they watch it to suppress their sexual feelings. You know how sex appeal is everywhere, it’s in movies, in music videos, in music lyrics, even in simple advertisement!

Sex is everywhere, they say, sex sells, so I guess we going to have to live with this. The sad part is that all this has been adopted from the western culture, we have lost our identity as an African nation, we have succumbed ourselves to the foreign ways it has now become a part of us. I don’t know, maybe it’s civilization and getting on with the times that everyone is talking about.

So really, I don’t blame these teenage boys for watching such explicit films.