GIMC poetry night fire
POET: Mumsy Themba

Poets poke holes in burning issues

Regarding the purpose of the presence of art in life, Nigerian author, Chinua Achebe once said, “Art is, and always was, at the service of man. Our ancestors created their myths and told their stories for a human purpose.”

And so it came to pass at the GIMC Poetry Night last week with spine-chilling performances by Letlotlo ‘Soul Of Wit’ Molatole, Kagiso ‘Kagiso M’ Moatlhodi, Gomolemo “Morwa Motsamai” Motsamai, Phodiso Modirwa, Mumsy Themba, Tshepo Mashabile and the Raw Pillars of Art.

The sizzling snapping of fingers from the audience was indication enough of the emotional levels and relatable subject matters of the expertly crafted poems, presented not only in English nor Setswana but Kalanga and French – even Portuguese!

It wasn’t your typical spoken word poetry that comes raw but an orchestrated concoction of sorts: woodwind, brass, strings and percussion!

As in most arts, light plays a critical role whether present or in its absence.

Indeed, Poetry Night wouldn’t have been complete without complementation from the spotlight and houselights with their prism of colours.

Molestation, religion, rape, abuse, love, body size and the boiling pot of xenophobia could not escape mention in poems [and songs].

The poets’ performances brimmed with a persistent flux of emotion and energy, the night coming to an end with a well deserved round of applause, the snapping fingers of earlier replaced by the deafening clapping of hands.

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