Ghetto school of legends
TALKING EDUCATION: Chaba and Botshoma touring classrooms

Nyangagbwe Primary’s road back to glory

For many decades Nyangagbwe Primary School was regarded as the best primary school in Francistown.

Founded in 1967, students from this school mostly ended up at Mater Spei College, another learning centre with a reputation for producing best students.

An impressive list of former students include Samuel Mphuchane (entrepreneur), Phandu Skelemani, (former Minister and Attorney General), Mpaphi Phumaphi (former judge) and others who went on to play leading roles in the development of Botswana.

However despite this impressive list of alumni, the school is slowly turning in to a shadow of its former self.

This came to the fore during a ceremony to welcome the school alumnus Thabang Botshoma, who has decided to take the school under his wing, under the adopt a school programme.

Botshoma who’s also the Deputy Permanent Secretary-Environmental Affairs in the Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism said his dream is to see the school returning to its former glory days.

The newly appointed patron said his role will be to support the school so it meets its primary objective, which is great performance in examinations epitomized by good grades.

“The beauty of good results is that it assures you of progression,” said Botshoma.

He said his role will not interfere in anyway with the day to day running of the school, but will be a link between the institution and other groupings such as the business community and former students.

“It is time for us as the alumni to plough back into this school. Our futures were shaped from here and we should do everything in our power to ensure that these youngsters are well taken care of,” he said.

Botshoma said they have come together as the Nyangagbwe Primary alumni and their intention is to help the standard seven class of 2019 through motivation and counseling to assist them perform better.

Highlighting some of the challenges they face, the Principal Boingotlo Chaba said they have old non-standard classrooms which are not conducive for both teachers and learners.

“The classrooms are very small, and it becomes a challenge when students have to do group work. Mobility inside the classroom is very limited because these old classes we are told have a limited capacity of only 35 students,” she said.

She further said despite the much talked about digital migration, her school is still lagging behind.

“The 21st century learner should be studying computers, but we don’t have such. In fact the entire school has one desktop and one laptop which all the 33 teachers share to prepare exam material,” revealed Chaba.

The worried principal said besides the old furniture, they are also concerned with the acute shortage of toys and teaching aids for reception classes.

“We recently introduced reception classes, but we are struggling. We don’t have a photocopying machine, which is integral especially to this class,” she said, urging the community and alumni to come on board and see to it that Nyangagbwe Primary once again becomes the toast of Francistown.

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