WHEELERS: Bicycles on display

Today marks the third day of Gauteng Tourism’s exhibition in Botswana at Masa Square which is aimed at bringing a taste of the Gauteng Province (GP) lifestyle experience and give their target market a teaser of some of the exciting Gauteng lifestyle events.

According to Gauteng Tourism Head of Marketing, Barba Gaoganediwe, they are also aiming at creating market access opportunities for their township enterprises and products as part of the provincial government’s programme of Township Economy Revitalisation.

“Through our market here we are also opening doors for cross boarder collaborations in the drive towards integrated regional tourism promotion as envisaged through initiatives like the South African Development Communities (SADC) uni-visa project. We are focusing on Botswana primarily because of the potential of the market,” Gaoganediwe explained.

SHOPPING TIME: A temporary store has been set up
SHOPPING TIME: A temporary store has been set up

He revealed that one of the highlights of their stay was this morning’s cycling across the city, which saw the locals joining them for fun.

He added that they especially chose to activate in Gaborone because Batswana visit South Africa and Johannesburg in particular for various reasons including business, leisure, shopping and visiting relatives.

“Arrival figures from Botswana into South Africa and Gauteng in particular have remained positive and we are not taking anything for-granted and want to consolidate our winning formula. People in Botswana love South African events. It doesn’t cost much to visit South Africa and they can easily relate to the experience across the border,” reiterated Gaoganediwe.

The Botswana visit among other things, Gaoganediwe says, showcases the best of Gauteng lifestyle, music, fashion and adventure experiences as well as night life in South African Townships.

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