collection we have from African Lace. African print bag, beaded clutch and button and beaded neckpieces. Contact them at African Lace, facebook for such awesomeness!

Eye on Botswana accessories designer 


It’s an exciting time to brand a new Botswana where now the focus is in favour of raiment local Botswana talent.

Botswana’s fashion climate needs additional confidence hence we are more than proud to continue providing our communities and our country with this platform that encourages a more proactive role in the creative/arts industry.

It’s high time we not only praise and wear international brands and designer labels, but take a closer look at our home ground, our own sequins, lace and sheen. We have some.

Today is a good day to introduce to you to more Botswana talent. Someone who always agrees with her entire creativity and heart,  NeoMotseosi-Ooke.

Neo Motseosi-Ooke is a savvy serial-entrepreneur and formidable advocate of creativity and accessories designer based in Botswana.

Her designs reach out to you with a unique Lifestyle, full of richness in culture and diversity.

They pride themselves in being one of Africa’s crafters of unique handmade accessories in tribal print cloth, Jewelry, shoes, neck-pieces, bags, clutches and cell phone pouches.

Her designs are timeless, cultured and rooted. Like her designs, beaming with energy, wesat down with her after hours of styling a set for her designs forthe international magazine AfroELLE.

Check out the interview on The Khoi-fro blog and our Facebook page, GaTshFros.

We have been wearing Botswana local designs since 2013. Please join us and support our movement, support local- buy local.

Send us your pictures in Botswana designs and we’ll feature you!

[image_slider link=”full_url_link” source=””] Model Juice Tsile and NalediMabena in African printed neckpiece and clutch bags from African Lace. [/image_slider]
[image_slider link=”full_url_link” source=””] Wide range of accessories available at African Lace. Perfection re-defined! [/image_slider]

GaTshy Mail
(Ratanang Roxy Morontshe)

hello my dear BEST.
I want to model for your  label… I LOVE you’re the voice articles.
How can I be your model for the weekly column?

Hi Ratanang,
thank you for the love.

To be a model with us is not a problem.
What you can do is send us 3 full body shot, face shot and a fashion forward shot of you.
Send them to [email protected] , thank you J


Photographer: KagoSeatileKagography (only model shots)
Fashion Stylist: GaoneMothibi&TsholoDikobe,TheKhoi-fro (GaTshFros)
Make-up artist: Lolo Monareng M.A.C Botswana
Models: JuiceTsile&NalediMabena
Designer: Neo Motseoisi-Ooke African Lace
Location: Accuracy Hair Salon