Fight Crime Gaborone

Over the last several weeks as we have begun developing this space we have shared some of our specific concerns and highlighted trends of the growing crime epidemic in Gaborone and the surrounding areas. We have also been able to give a voice to a few of the many, many victims by sharing their stories in this space.
As a result our community has grown – the Fight Crime in Gaborone Facebook group now has over 2,500 members. And many of you who have unfortunately become victims of crime have reached out to us through our SMS system to tell us about what happened to you and your loved ones.

These have been the stories of ordinary people. Good people just like you, whose lives have been affected and threatened by the criminals that are terrorizing our community. Crime has reached the point where we are all being negatively affected in some way.
Not enough is being done to protect us as residents of this community. It is our goal to grow the membership of our anti crime community. We want to do this by collecting and sharing more of your stories. The more information we have, the more stories that are shared, the more voices that are lent to the cause, the more powerful we as a group become and the more pressure we will be able to apply to make Gaborone a peaceful place again.

If you have been a victim we need you to lend us your voice. Send us an SMS and share what happened to you. Let us tell your story. Stop being just a statistic and become a voice. Over the next several weeks we will be reaching out to interview some of you who sent us an SMS and plan to feature your stories in this space. So please – if you care about the future of our city, if you want it to return to being a peaceful place, lend us your voice and let us tell your story.

“If you have been a victim  of crime we need you to lend us your voice.”
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