Gansta paradise
Gansta paradise

Voice cartoonist, Lesole Ntshole was recently at the Gaborone bus rank when he eavesdropped on a conversation about selling stolen mobile phones and drugs.

MAN IN BLUE SHIRT: I wonder how you guys cope with everyday crime here at the bus rank.

HAWKER: We are used to it. It’s the order of the day.

Recently, a guy was brutally beaten up by an angry mob after he snatched a cell phone from a young woman and tried to run away.

SHORTHAIRED LADY: Ijoo, I saw his photo on Facebook, it was frightening.

HAWKER: I’m not telling you hearsay but something that I witnessed with my own two eyes.

When the police arrived at the scene, the poor guy had already been physically advised; I won’t be surprised to hear that the guy died.

MAN IN BLUE SHIRT: People never learn. For the few hours that I have been here, I noticed some guys selling cell phones, which were obviously stolen.

How do you sell a phone that cost about P1300 for P250?

SHORTHAIRED LADY: I’m also skeptical because the phones are carried in plastic bags and they don’t come with chargers.

HAWKER: True, they’re stolen phones. It’s a joint criminal venture between some Batswana and Zimbabweans.

Batswana steal the phones then pass them on to Zimbabweans to sell.

Once the phone is sold they share the money.

SHORTHAIRED LADY: I can’t imagine myself buying a cell phone from these people.

HAWKER: It’s all about survival. The phones must be disposed off quickly that’s why they are sold for a song.

These criminals have nothing to lose hence they can sell a smart phone for P250.

They are also the same people who sell drugs.

MAN IN BLUE SHIRT: I smelt something fishy when I saw that empty brown bottle over there on the pavement.

Three years back, I watched on BTV news as the police confiscated those similar types of bottles.

HAWKER: It’s a bottle of flu medication mixed with some hardcore substance.

If you take the medication you become an addict.

The conversation ends as a customer approaches to buy airtime.

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