He’s young, charming, has the body a woman would die for, and has just been crowned Mr Botswana.

THE BODY BEAUTIFUL: Gontse Sechele shows off his Mr Botswana body

Eight years of hard work finally paid off for body building enthusiast Gontse Sechele (26) when he clenched the most coveted title in the country and walked away with P5 000 in prize money. “This is the best I have ever looked! If I were to compete in South Africa right now I’m sure I would make a great impression down there as well.

I am delighted with my performance and form tonight. When I was training I had faith that I was going to win,” said an excited Gontse, who dedicated his title to the Almighty.
The new Mr Botswana who hails from Mathangwane a few kilometres from Francistown, now has his eyes set on bursting onto the South African market to make an even bigger name and bigger bucks for himself. “My goal now is to add more mass to my frame to make me look more symmetrical.

South African competitions are more advanced and my taking part in them would determine my success in the world arena.  This sport is all about size, having a package and having an overall frame that balances more muscle with less fat,” he added.

Gontse who is an instructor at Energym fitness centre in Gaborone, last month competed in Zimbabwe with 30 other body builders in the heavyweight category where he took position six. “Body

GROUP WINNERS: Heavy weight winner Gontse (centre) with lightweight champion Ndana( left) and middleweight winner Gunston

building is not such a popular sport in Botswana, but it’s an activity I would encourage young people to take up. It’s a sport that requires discipline and dedication which would deter our youth from abusing alcohol and drugs.

It’s a lifestyle, something you live by and have to make sacrifices to stay lean and strong all year round,” encouraged Gontse.
Exercising self-control is a discipline he has also to extend to the many female admirers he attracts. “You have to stay focused and females are a distraction, but phew! I do get a lot of attention especially from sugar mummies. They come out strong compared to the small girls who are rather to shy.

The sugar mummies give out the signs that that they want to hammer you live!” Chuckled the man his buddies have nicknamed Flexi, and who is still searching for lady right.

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