Gaborone gets global certification
MAKING CITIES ACTIVE: Evaleo President, Gabriel Messmer

The city of Gaborone has been named alongside other nine cities as a pilot for Global Active City the partnership of the International Working Group on Women and Sports (IWG) and The Association for International Sport for All (TAFISA).

Following the TAFISA, IOC and Evaleo diagnostic visit in June 2017 to Gaborone and the Gaborone Town Clerk’s visit to Germany and having satisfied the robust requirements, Gaborone becomes the first African city to be recognized under Global Active City Development programme which we will see the city ultimately receiving the accreditation and certification.

The Global Active City programme, is aligned with the recommendations and guidelines of the World Health Organisation, UNESCO, United Nations Habitat and other international organisations.

The Global Active City Development Programme was officially launched on the 3rd October 2017 by the Active Well-being Initiative (AWI), at the Smart Cities and Sport Summit organised by the World Union of Olympic Cities in Montreal.

“Decision-making is often faster in cities than at national or international levels,” explained Gabriel Messmer, President of Evaleo, one of the NGOs which founded the AWI.

“Thus, delivering tangible behavioural changes to the lives of an ever-growing number of city dwellers can be more effective if managed at a city, neighbourhood or even school and club level.”

Gaborone will be accredited alongside Buenos Aires (Argentina), Karşiyaka (Turkey), Lausanne (Switzerland), Lillehammer (Norway), Ljubljana. (Slovenia), Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea), Richmond (Canada) and Tampere (Finland).

The initiative which was introduced to Goborone City council and other partners by IWG is one of IWG’s legacies for Botswana and is as a result of the strategic partnership formed with TAFISA.

The BNSC, Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sport and Culture Development, Botswana National Olympic Committee, Gaborone City Council and Ministry of Health and Wellness have been actively involved in ensuring that Gaborone will eventually receive the certification and they remain important partners in this endeavour.

The project is led by Gaborone City Clerk, Mr Mpho Mathe and his team, including; Game Mothibi (IWG), Steve Bothasitse (BNSC), Tuelo Serufho (BNOC) and Lincoln Goitsemang (MYSC).

The motivation behind this endeavor comes from recognizing that in a world facing an epidemic of physical inactivity, municipalities are the primary provider of Sport for All and physical activities.

Their role ranges from the provision of infrastructure and facilities, through the organization of programs and events, to the funding to local stakeholders.

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