CONVICTED:Mothusi Phaladi sentenced to 13 years imprisonment

The family of a passion-killing victim has reacted with anger after the Francistown High Court convicted her killer to 13 years in prison last week.  20-year-old Kedibonye Ngwako was stabbed to death in front of shocked police inside the charge office of the Francistown Central Police station where she had gone to report her former lover.
As her killer, motor mechanic Mothusi Phaladi, 22, was led away to begin his sentence, relatives gathered outside court to express concern over the leniency of the judgment.
Shaking his head in disbelief, the victim’s father Pheaga Ngwako, said he was deeply disturbed with the judgment, which he described as “totally unfair.”
Kedibonye’s brother Emmanuel Ngwako, added: “How can the judge show leniency when the killer showed no mercy? The defence council said that Mothusi was young and could still be absorbed back into the community, and be useful to the country.  But what about my sister – how can she be absorbed back into the community? She was doing finance and Marketing at college and we were expecting more from her.
“If people who commit murder are going to be charged as if it was a case of manslaughter, passion killing is not going to end.
“When Mothusi was out on bail for 9 months, he used to pass by our yard at Phikwe, and it was really painful to see him alive while my sister was underground. There were times I felt like getting in my car and running him over, but I was able to restrain myself,” he said.
Angry Catherine Ngwako Olopeng, the victim’s elder sister said: “He should have hung. Mothusi killed my sister in cold blood – he followed her and was determined to kill her, even doing so in front of the police.

VICTIM: Kedibonye Ngwako

“People are not safe, who will protect us if someone can be killed inside police premises. This case should have set an example so that others would think twice before doing this kind of thing.”
Earlier the court had heard how in November 2007 Phaladi had journeyed from Selebi-Phikwe to visit Kedibonye in Francistown.
They had agreed to meet at the taxi rank, but when she did not turn up, he had become angry when her phone was answered by a male voice, who said that he should not call the number again.
Phaladi then went to the Kedibonye’s house at Monarch, but there was no one at home, and no answer from her phone.
After that he spent several hours drinking in a local bar, before returning to the house to wait for Kedibonye, sleeping on the veranda. The following morning he was awoken by a neighbour, Levy Badubi who shared the same yard, and described Phaladi as angry and aggressive and still holding two bottles of beer.
Badubi phoned Kedibonye and told how she had gone with a cousin in his car to fetch her. When they arrived back at the yard, Kedibonye at first got out, but when she saw the state Phaladi was in, she quickly got back in despite his attempts to stop the speeding car.
Giving evidence Badubi told how Phaladi then stopped a taxi and followed them to the Central Police Station. Whilst they were inside the Community Service Centre awaiting attention, Phaladi burst in and grabbed hold of Kedibonye, stabbing her several times in the neck.
She was rushed to Nyangabgwe Hospital, but was confirmed dead upon arrival.


  1. O tlhokile lesego Kedi tota wena le wena o ka raya motho wa re lokopane o bo o modoja basadi le lona somtyms o tlhele lo sa itse gore lo batlang. 4 the first place u shudnt hve agrd with him to cum ga lo gane go bolawa. REST IN PEACE KWA MONNA KWA!

  2. O tlhokile lesego Kedi tota wena le wena o ka raya motho wa re lokopane o bo o modoja basadi le lona somtyms o tlhele lo sa itse gore lo batlang. In the first place u shudnt hve agrd with him to cum ga lo gane go bolawa. REST IN PEACE KWA MONNA KWA!

  3. sorry sis! but ths will teach other girls of your type a lesson, how can u say come n u go with another man? n nt come home 4 dat day? shame!!.brothers!its painful 2 lose a sis like that, but wht u can do is to appeal 2 the gorvemnt typo provide a lagal platform whre unmaried couples cn complain abt these cheatins.this guy had no one 2 luk 2, who cud punish ths girl for cheatin on him.pple these relationships are verbal contracts which shld be legalised

  4. Is nt good to have an appointment with someone then u decide to dodge him.people lyk this need only to be beaten not hav done a wrong thing by killing you also need to be killed not jailed cos o ka tloga wa twaela.

  5. golo mo ke matlakala. ga gona ope yo o nang le rite ya go tsaya botshelo jwa motho yo mongwe despite wot! hele Kedibonye u er wrong. u shuldn’t hv appointed n thn nvr turned up but thn again we donno se se ne diragala ha gare gago le phologolo ee o. i hope rots in jail


  7. moza wareng tota……
    mothusi nnaka i wish you were convicted mo south africa ruri you would curse the day you were born..that 13yrs to you would feel like donkeys years of hell.

  8. waitse dilo tse dingwe di bata go fagolwa ka na ga a dirwe ke sepe o dirwa ke tsena e ya bone e se keng e nna fela, if motho wa teng ene ga a sa tlhole a go bata ga a kake a go bolella o ta bona fela ka go go doja le makgakga a banyana ba gagwe but wena ga o kake wa mmolaya o tla jewa ke stress se bo se fela sisi…!
    rest in peace dear, le ene wa go swa ntsa eo nxla……..!

  9. OMG. i remember kedibonye.we were in the same class ko phikwe primary school. he banna! a mathotapelo.

  10. Re ya kae batswana go a makatsa gore motho a latlhegelwe ke botshelo fela fa pele ga basireletse ba sechaba go a makatsa waitse ke ne ke sa solofela.

  11. wat a pity.i ges this shud be a lesson to all ladies out there,but the court le yone ga ya tsaya diz kgang seriously,diz guy was supposed to have been hanged “oops!,no man has the ryt to take another mans life” so he deserves to rot in jail

  12. where were the police? Le bone a ba isiwe prison ba molato go lebelela motho a bolaya yo mongwe. Hei Kedi its painful that u “saw them, o di bone” re ise re utlwe the story frm ur side. sori babe

  13. I once said as long as Batswana pretend as if the passion killing victims are all innocent, the scourge will not end. We have friends and relatives of the lady whom i share their pain but will challenge them to ask themselves if they did not see something wrong in their relatives’ double dealing. Most Batswana parents support their child even where the child is dangerously wrong. Killing is wrong but this guy might have been momentarily insane due to the pain of being cheated. Lets debate the issue openely and find a solution.

  14. gatwe absorbed back into the community, hw can he, e le mmolai, o beetswe go tla go bolaya ba bangwe. a killer lyke him deserves to be hanged. o kile wa tsisa mathotha pelo lwapeng la ga Ngwako. Mothusi o se thogo tota. rest in peace Kedi, u are always in our hearts.

  15. Dis Evill guy shud be hanged kante mapodisi bone wats deya duty dey shud hav shot dis guy on da damn skulll ahhh, tired of animals!!!

  16. O bona da law shud be tite on all sides not da law shud b practical it shud be u kill ur hanged too, go bothoko to lev wit a criminal in society, i min wat can he do fa a tswa mo prison all he will do is steal an end up in anada murder case,Botswana shud hav a correctional unit, where people heal deya memo, Rest in Peace Kgaitsadi!!!

  17. R.I.P Kedi,ba masika gomotsegang,mme e bile le gomotsegele ruri.Mothusi,go well ko matamong,mare go tshela sentle gone 4get…….

  18. nnya nna ke gore ntse ke sa itse gore a murder o atlholwa go ya ka dingwaga tsa motho,murder is murder why not hang him;whats the mercy all abt;le batla a bolaya yo mongwe afte13 years when he is released?

  19. Its so painfull that someone lost her life and that this incident happened at the police station, i guess she was feeling protected and the police failed to do their duty eish go bothoko waitse. Now lets face reality, Jaaka ZAKES a setse a buile, Ladies stop using man and dump them like s****t these are the results. Batsadi a re kgalemeleng bana. Gents stop killing that is not the way of solving problems. Ladies stop CHEATING and DODGING.

  20. Monza wl fcuk ya up, u gt no heart, u cnt jst say tht kinda crap while we lost our lovely daughter…thts family young blood, myb 2mro it wl be ya, people gna say crap….

  21. A mapodisi ao lebone ba kalediwe bcoz ekare bane balebelete film,nXa! 13yrs is nothing a moshimanyana yoo a kalediwe. eye for an eye

  22. nnyaya nna mapodise ga ke ba bone molato. ba ne ba sa itse sepe, ke dillo tsa tsohganetso, hela jaaka o ka tsena hela le wena gotwe o tile go batla thuso. Cadar, o tla sala itse gre modimo ga o yo in this issue ke molao wa lehatshe, katholo ya modimo e tla mo lebagana a xaile

  23. Banna ke mathata.They cheat on their women but its very rare go ultwa gotwe mosadi o bolaile monna.Ba mo lesitse 13years o monnye thata.

  24. khweee
    ga keitse gore selalome se sentseng jaana se beelwaeng mo setshabeng, batho rona re lapile ka d ganka. mothusi nkabo a bolailwe, fela jaaka a bolaile kedi,nna one otla ainnyelela mosimane,,ntxa selo se,,,ene ga akitla a latlha mosesele ele wa gagwe…bana ba rona ba mo diphatseng…o tla aswa le wena, wena ware otla aya kae…batsad ba ga kedi emang ka dinao, faele molao wa lefatshe la rona o mathata..a selalome se se swe se, seganka e le ruri, ga o bone le mapodisi asa atshabe,,ba ne ba motshaba bana ba modimo, ga ba kake ba bua, hei! mad a le in peace my sister..

  25. Eish,imagine if it was u o etetse ur gal the nxt thng u call to let her knw tht u’v arrivd and the fone’s answered by another guy.. hvn not even a place to sleep at. Mothusi is wrong but he did wht he did out of anger.13yrs is fair.

  26. a mowa wa gago kedi o robale ka kagiso.o bona wena mothusa ba go lesitse.fa ene e le nna moatlhodi wa wa o ne o tsile go thunyetsa senana ko toronkong,o masepa fa o ipona o riana.o itse jaaka motho a dirwa.o laki papa mo go nna o ne o tsile go nyela..tsamya o ye go disa poo…

  27. I believe our country is loosing touch with this issue ya passion killings. This guy should have gotten hanged, 1stly he killed a person and 2dly he killed her in front of police officers ke lenyatso selo seo.Regardless of the circumstances the law should have came tumbling down hard on him. These killers will continue killing our sisters and getting off scot free. Something needs to be done, it seems like they are getting more and more of these cases . Maybe its because of these SOFT sentences. Rest in peace my sis and may justice be served.

  28. Ao bathung ba ga Jeso!!!!!!!!! gone mme go dira getse jang gore motho a latlhegelwe ke botshelo mo pele ga mapodise…Kedi o tlhokile lesego. wena mmaagwe Kedi, ema ka dinao o tsene mogo tsa setso.. o dire gore a jewe ke diboko antse a tshela go fitlhelela a a swa.. kana ke tenwa ke gore banna ba batla e le bone ba re dirang dilo, mme ga reke re ba bolaya.. o modire gore a mmone tsatsi le letsatsi, a mo pokele. go fitlhela a swa. kana ha a rata one a bechelwa ke Kedi. jaanong one a bona ekare go ja go ya tlase…

  29. he banna mothusi o sepete….fa pele ga mapodise.ija we ar nt save n ths country.jaanong gatwe re siele kae?MOTHUSI o mar………nxa,ke jampile!

  30. may kedi’soul rest in peace wena Mothusi u will never rest in this world. O tla roba se ose jwadileng

  31. kedi re ne re solofetse go le gontsi,ke go tshwantshwanya le masi aa in peace nnaka.wena mothusi di go saletse seganka ke wena sisi……

  32. monna yo tota okabe a atholetswe leso ga ana bopelothomogi le molao ga o tshwanela go nna pelo thomogi mo go ene le fa ele gore kedi o molato o ne a sa tshwanela go mmolaya.
    ba gaabo Kedi go ratile modimo go ikgapela moya wa gagwe fa gone go se jalo diteko tsa rre yong go bolaya ngwana wa lona di kabe di sa kgonega.

  33. ke matlhotlha pelo ruri o tlhokile lesego mothusi ware o batla mosadi kante wa ikgolega but o kabo o sa mmolaya o kabo o ne wa motlhogela a tswelela le botlakala jwa o ka bo o se mo mathateng gone jaana bt god will bless u

  34. nna if it were my sister…I would wait for tht 13yrs & Mothusi’s ass wud be mine!! Justice is best served my way…Jigga!
    R.I.P nnaka.

  35. re kwa ga mmapereko ba go blaela ngwana ka gore molao oba eme nokeng. gone go sa tlhokafale gore le tseye nako kedi”s bro o kabo o blaile sthodi seo gone ha pele ga mapodisi le wena

  36. Look young women just dont learn u use men like dogs after exploiting the dude and taking all his money u take away his image by cheating and dodgin, when u are after money just be prostitute dont be in a relationship simple as that!!

  37. Wena Mothusi r u a dog, or sumthing? hw can u kill ngwana yo mongwe fela jaana,N wena Kedi am sorry to wake you up but i also blame you why? Why? Why? ne mma, wasnt he gud enough?Heish bana ba 2010 u r untourchble…

    Rest in peace Kedi….

  38. This goes on to show how pathetic our justice system can be somtimes, I mean this dude practically flipped the middle finger and hacked a innocent person right in front of the police.. In this case ga ke bone mosola wa tsheko, he should be sent straight to the gallows. Finish and Klaar!!


  40. Kedi a mowa wa gago o rabala ka kagiso le fa one ole seaka. O feditse botshelo jwa gago ka go dirala marena a mabedi.Basadi boaka gabo busetse. O dirile tiro ente mfana wame.Kea leboga amen.

  41. naare monnamogolo are totally unfair motho a sena go bolaa ngwana wa mosadi o mongwe??
    must Bots e simolle go nna le death sentence…u kill u get killed!!! Thats what i call fair!!!

  42. Sori abt al this, bt let’s nt blame e police, e legal systym or e govenment, its jus e unwriten laws of e world & everyone knoz it bt we kip on pushn 4 more n belief that it wont happen 2 me. Face e root cause pple & lets fix dis 4 other generatns 2, cz blamin is jus a rockn chair; it’l get u nower

  43. d best revenge ha motho ago tseetse mo tlogele le ene.d is nothing more fulfilling thn dat.let us nt point fingers forgiveness si the best answer.

  44. ga asa kalediwa go botlhoko mo go ena ka gore ga a bone boroko,ga go boroko jo bo monate o bolaile motho,o ya go bogisega botshelo botlhe and belief me,that’s the worst punishment e le nna ke ka bo ke ikopetse leso

  45. some can jus sleep, kana ga mongwe le mongwe yoo filang guilty, esp fa e ene e se phoso, le lona banyana lesang basimane ba diganka le bofebe

  46. heela,bolayang golo moo go swe,they ahve to meet in heaven or hell so they sought out the mess the did,maybe somehow they will forgive each ada without our angry comments and sorrowful hearts…nxa-back to the community my arse,that thing shuld hang by the balls le gone!!!

  47. i dnt understand our legal system waitse,i mean he killed her in front ofthe police and he was only sentenced to 13 years?thz is pathetic,i must say….I have realized that passion killings is just like robbery ko bots cuz thr r no serious consequences takn against ba bolai…wtf!!!!!Yes in the bible it is stated that we should judge but we hv to remember that it is also stated tht we should kill either,who the hell is he???thts y go nale capital punishment,if our judges feel empathetic towards passion killers thy myt as well abolish it,just like in S.A….It is really annoying…!

  48. onneile
    sometimes we blame guys but our sisters at the sametime are doing it wrong.if the law was fair everything could be right.when you report a female is like you are stupid before our police officers.stop being in the female side corps.lets girls be faithful and trustful.everythin gona be okay.

  49. o sematla mosimane ke wena o le motona,why can u tak that action ,ga o monna wa sepe o ka letswa ke gore o arabilwe ke mosimane jaaka wena,dnt u knw tht life,is a mountain u go up,starting from the bottom,ad if u take it tht way u wil neva reach the point wa teng in love u either or loss,and if u loss just move on.

  50. e kare oka go pokela wa sala o le skeleton,o bolaile ur girlfriend shame on you,a kere u could have talked ad ifshe was cheating u,she wil hav to leave tht guy,selo ke dipuisanyo,phoso edirwa ke motho e bile e baakanngwake motho.etla re o tla go tswa mo chankanneng o a go fithila bankana ba gago ba nnyetse ebile ba rekile dikoloi,gonye o tla bo osule o mo latetse ngwanyana wa gago

  51. the world is cumin to an end.our security has gone down,re setse re bolewa fa pele ga bone.banna hle le lona le kang go gola

  52. Bathu be ndzimu matama eno malebeswa ose,ngono dumbu msana a to chila lebaka bolefu,e buda ku toronko u nofa…e bulawe nge meya dze bosatane’bazwadzi bangu ba ka ngwako ndo lela nangwi,a ti rapeleni chita achiya chino fila mu toronko’