Funeral woes
Funeral woes


Recently, Voice cartoonist, Lesole Ntshole was boarding a Morwa-Bokaa combi on his way from Mochudi to Morwa when he overheard a conversation between the driver, conductor, and passengers on family members who don’t want to work at funerals.

CONDUCTOR: You keep yawning from time to time. Did you go you have a hectic night yesterday?

LADY IN BLACK HAT: I’m very tired. I attended a relative’s funeral, and I didn’t sleep as we spent the whole night cooking.

CONDUCTOR: That’s what I hate about attending funerals. You don’t have the time to rest. The painful part is when a family of the deceased doesn’t want to do the work.

LADY IN BLACK HAT: You know, Imagine you had just made tea for visitors. Then another group of visitors arrives, and again you’re expected to make tea.

DRIVER: You start off as very polite and end up being rude to people.

LADY IN VIOLET DRESS: At times we pressurise ourselves.

Why would one work at a funeral when the family of the deceased wouldn’t lift a finger to work?

Why would’t you simply leave? You don’t owe them anything but you would simply be there to help.

MAN IN RED T-SHIRT: We attended a funeral in Morwa the other day.

After spending the whole night cooking, a relative of the deceased approached us in the morning and ordered us to give our chairs to the visitors.

DRIVER: That was annoying. I’d have slapped him.

You’d find that the guy could have been busy sleeping in the comfort of his bed with his girlfriend while you cooked the whole night.

MAN IN RED T-SHIRT: I know the guy, he is a spoiled brat.

He’s the kind that always wears a tie, and doesn’t want to get his hands dirty at a funeral.

We were bold enough not to bow to his demand.

The conversation ends as the combi picks passengers at a stop at Raserura in Mochudi.

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