BOOGIE TIME: Revellers enjoying the sky diving

Reminiscent of scenes from yesterday, once again the day began overcast at the Makgadikgadi skydiving boogie, much to the dismay of people who had their hearts set on the skies.

But the organizers were having none of it and to the evident relief of the revellers they declared the winds to be navigable enough to sanction the hot air balloons to slightly hover over the ground.

Some people were discouraged as they had expected to be taken to heights of 15 000 ft.

The children however, were galvanised to the point of experiencing the hot air balloon twice, even 3 times.

ADRENALIN JUNKIES: The tandem jump
ADRENALIN JUNKIES: The tandem jump

Tandem jumps were also the order of the day as the line for people who were willing to plummet from the skies stretched around the corner and past the smouldering three-legged pots that housed a myriad of traditional delicacies.

For those who did not want to tempt fate, more conventional recreational activities were on offer.

Adults could immerse themselves in the melodic serenades of Cedric and his band.

The highly inebriated crowd emphatically applauded the bands renditions of Bob Marley, Outkast and a multitude of other pop icons.

Once again by mid-day the skies had parted to make way for the sun.

By now alcoholic beverages were flowing to the loss of many people’s inhibitions.

However, this did not taint the event as people did not become unruly.

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