Francistown is leading in numbers of Sexually Transmitted Illnesses.

This startling revelation was made by YOHO representative Mandla Pule during the Botswana Defence Force(BDF)  Month of Youth Against Aids Day commemoration last weekend.

The event was held at the BDF Donga camp under the theme ‘Zero new HIV infections, Zero discrimination and Zero HIV/AIDS related deaths.’

Soldiers, their spouses, children and non uniform staff attended the event.

Pule said that the STI that was highly prevalent in the second city is genital warts.

‘Transactional and intergenerational sex is an issue of concern.

Youth are involved in relationships with older people in exchange for material things like expensive smart phones.

Change your sexual behavior and save money for Botswana.’Pule warned and advised.

Addressing attendants, 2 Infantry Brigade Commander Brigadier Molefi Seikano advised elders to help fight new infections instead of being part of the problem by  engaging in relationships with young girls and infecting them.

“The theme challenges young people to lead in the fight against sexually transmitted diseases.

The complexity of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Botswana requires active involvement of the youth.

While you may be young today, the decision you make and how you conduct yourselves have a bearing on the future.

Take full responsibility for your actions and health and stop doing things that expose you to infection.

Stop dating people who are much older than yourselves and stop receiving goods in exchange for sexual favours.” Said Seikano

He said that the BDF was not only commemorating the day but also committing and affirming the need for  continued leadership from all levels of society in responding to HIV/AIDS.

Seikano advised male youth to effectively utilize strategies in place like SMC and the consistent and correct use of  condoms to sustain the momentum of war against HIV/AIDS.

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