AWOL: Mudenga

Debt ridden Francistown Deputy Mayor Lechedzani Mudenga once again failed to attend a full special council meeting this week while his whereabouts still remain unknown.

After much probing from other councillors who demanded to know when Mudenga will eventually resurface, Mayor Sylvia Tabitha Muzila also professed ignorance saying she was hoping that one of the councillors would forward an apology on behalf of her deputy.

“My office hasn’t received any communication from him. Am not aware where he could be. Since other councillors sent their apologies for non-attendance, I also expected to hear from one of you that the Deputy Mayor also sent in his apology. Am clueless too”, said Muzila.

On the sidelines, Muzila expressed concern over the long absence of her lieutenant.

“It is not only this special council meeting that he has failed to attend. He has been gone for too long. His absence is being felt as I am forced to double up and do his duties. It is strenuous for me and council business is suffering in return,” she said.

She however insisted that she was in the dark about what could be leading to Mudenga’s behavior.

“According to the media, Mudenga is being investigated for this and that but we have not received any official information as to how far the so called investigations have gone and the findings. As a civic leader I cannot do anything about him or make a decision,” she said.

Meanwhile, others councillors have expressed anger and disgust at the deputy mayor who is also Moselewapla ward councillor.

“He has brought this council into disrepute. His behavior is a shame and an embarrassment. I don’t know why other councillors are silent about the whole issue. The democrats are protecting him”, said Councillor Goane Majere.

“Mark my words, come next full council I am raising the issue. The deputy mayor should just go. This council needs a more honorable deputy mayor”, exclaimed the youthful Botswana Movement for Democracy councillor.

In April, Mudenga appeared at the small claims court where he was ordered to pay at three month instalment of P5000.00 to settle a P15 000 loan.

It however emerged that his take home salary was P200 making the prospects of paying back the money impossible.

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