Francistown City Council has finally come to the rescue of  city dwellers who have been terrorised by livestock that freely roam the streets.

Council Chief Finance and Development Officer, Motsia  Selawe has said that the growing number of cattle finding their way into the urban area  has become a great concern, which has forced the council to build a kraal for stray animals just after the railway crossing on the way to Gerald Estate.

“Your outcry about the cattle, donkeys and goats roaming into town has reached our offices and we have taken action.

Council has built a kraal next to the BMC, where we will keep all the stray beasts that are found moving around the city streets.

The kraal is ready but we were waiting for water to be connected. Starting this Thursday cattle will be rounded up. ” said Selawe.

Council warned that captured livestock will be kept for 21 days after which they will be sold. “If owners fail to claim their stock, we will sell it.

However, if the owner of the cattle or donkey comes forward to reclaim their stock, they will have to pay a fine of P150  if it is the first time to commit the offence, and then a daily charge of P2.50 per cow, P2.10 and P1.95 for a donkey and goat respectively”, explained the council official, at a kgotla meeting in Gerald Estate.