Frost hits back

Ozi F Teddy’s explosive diss track, where he took on almost everyone in the local hip hop game, has set tongues wagging.

The track, which Shaya has to admit is all flames and probably the biggest diss track to come out of B-dub, is a hard hitting, no blows barred lyrical assault.

It was vintage Teddy. No one had responded to the diss track after a week and Teddy claimed his body bags; that is until Frost came out of the shadows.

The young rapper dropped ‘Ted Talk’ this past week and is ripping Ozi apart. Some of the bars really touched home.

Lines such as “When you said local music was trash/I nearly laughed/’Till I listened to your album/And agreed with your a***e. Stealing clothes from every rapper man/That’s where you get your swag from.”

It must have been hard for the self anointed BRIA (Best Rapper In Africa) as Shaya learnt that he later challenged Frost to a fist fight.

Now come-on Teddy, lets keep it to rapping, go back to the studio and let rip.

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