We all know that the month of October just ended and yah I know for a fact that most of us got paid, I mean, got allowances. And I know that a lot of us are still bowling, well most of us with a few exceptions if you know what I mean.

I must say, I was bowling until ke bona ntshenatshe this past weekend and what a terrible weekend it was. Well, I had planned to buy a bit of groceries, do my hair, buy a few outfits and take myself out for ribs. Ka maswebi, (unfortunately) this didn’t happen because my money was simply stolen in my room. I must say, this was not what I had planned, but it did happen.

What is most shocking is that my roommate also had the same incident happening to her three days before the tragedy happened to me. Now it has come to my attention that the theft rate has rose rapidly mo Mmadikolo (in the University), especially in the first year resident block. Laptops theft topping the list, cellphones, money you name it. All these have caused a major concern in the university.

Many first year students are now left speechless, including myself as we have never been in such an unsafe place. I must say I came to the University thinking that it was the most safe place but I have been proven wrong by such instances.

I am indeed troubled and concerned about my fellow peers belongings. I had a chat with my Block warden and gathered a bit of information for tips on how we can protect our valuable belongings to ensure that we enjoy our stay on campus. And of course leave this place with no regrets.

It has been discovered that a lot of laptops are stolen in the morning when people are showering. So make sure that even when you are showering, you put your stuff in a safe place.
When listening to music in your laptop while in your room, lower volume because louder volumes attract the unwanted (thieves).

Use strong padlocks, which use codes .When using code padlocks, make sure you clear the code after punching it on the padlock after opening it. A lot of people forget to clear the punched code after opening the padlock, so double check to make sure.

It’s advisable to buy chains and small padlocks to lock your closet just to be extra safe. The good thing about chaining your closet is that you can put some of your valuable things in your closet and you will find them exactly where you put them.

Most girls like opening their doors and windows especially since it’s scorching.  Please refrain from doing this as people passing by your room can see what’s inside which is not safe.

If you stay on the ground floor you have to be extra cautious, be very very careful. DON’T OPEN YOUR WINDOWS!!!!
When walking from the library (late night study) make sure you with a friend. If you are alone, ask any security guard to walk you to your room. They’ll gladly do so.

One other thing is that girls, please don’t shower in the early morning or in the late night.. IT NOT AT ALL SAFE!!! I know that a lot of girls like doing this, including myself.
Please take note boys and girls, don’t take this for grunted. This will help you a lot and save you amounts of cash. Take care and much love…

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prepare urself for workplace theft and home(house)theft.

Chris M

Why on earth should students feel so unsafe in a brilliant university like the UB?! What’s wrong with the varsity management? They can end this once and for all! These thieves can be caught, red handed! This is 21st century and this is the UB! They are not serious!


Tshepo nnana, you need to work hard on your english. there are just too many mistakes on your article. And the voice editor, please stop sleeping on the job. How did you let this article go as it is? Kana golo mo go balwa ke bana, lo baruta sekgowa se se bodileng


You cannot attract thieves to you place from there complain. why dont you lock your doors when going out because it look like there is no break n entry here, ba fitlhela fela ba beetswe madi foo le dilwana. Fa gongwe your roommates steal these things from you then they make it look like someone took that.


Thieves in Botswana are stilling because they are allowed to and there are opprtunities to sell what they steal. But this can easily come to an end. First, all electronic gadgets should bear a tag that can be traced by a central radar so they can be located wherever they are. It is true there are many thieves at the university. A friend of mine lost his computer from his office and ir was traced to UB. It is possible the thief was at UB as that is where they live or he/she was on duty at UB busy stealing… Read more »


well…crime as student is sumthing no one can avoid….to mit your needs and wants as student is hard especially ka allowance so we do wat we can…steal. for example in primary when u did not have a pen or pencil one was force to steal from someone…is still the same thing so happening in the university,its just that its no long pens and pencils been stole is something of high value…go utswela your classmate or school mate does not start in madikolo…so live with it wit the facts


Hey peopla thats a place to study not a maximum security
whats wrong with this now adays students, it must come to an end.


One of my frd was travelling from Mochudi and picked up two university boys who were hitch hiking from there. My frd did not know them personally but have seen them around since he stays at mochudi. Once he dropped them near UB and turned to go to his office he found his Laptop next to him missing. He caught up with the guyz the next day, and threated them to take them to our famous Mochudi Kgotla and they promised to return it back and so dey did return it back…. Now with expenses for beers and peer pressure… Read more »