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So it was the most exciting weekend in UB this past weekend, yes, it was indeed the FRESHERS BALL weekend which proved to be popular as usual. Many attended the ever exciting Ball and boy was the school packed! I didn’t attend the freshers ball as I was just too swamped with school work so I still don’t know how it is to be there. Anyhow, I noticed that a lot of the youngsters made it a point that they attend the ball and there’s nothing wrong with this. After all, it is a way of welcoming the first years but a lot of disturbing things happen at this event.
One thing for sure is that the alcohol intake during the freshers ball is insane, now if you really want to see that youngsters can be heavy drinkers, then do come to the freshers ball and you will see wonders. This is of course a major concern and I personally think that improvements need to be done.
You see I stay on campus and so I see all these happenings live and believe me, it can be scary. And something happened on the night of the freshers ball that gave me something to write about this week. At around 3a.m I was awakened by loud noises so I woke up as it was just too impossible to sleep. I then looked out of my window and to my surprise I saw a really big fight that was going on right in front of my residence block. A group of people were fighting, throwing bottles and what looked to be small dust bins at each other! The poor security guard who tried breaking the fight might have been hurt as well. I thought that was a really disappointing behavior in which a university student could ever act in.
I also noticed that some first years were totally wasted and looked a mess, I mean come on guys, this has to stop. I don’t have any problem with alcohol but it just becomes an embarrassment when a young person drinks as if the world is coming to an end. Remember I wrote about me entering a new chapter in the university and how we first years need to be careful and not get lost in the excitement of having all the freedom you could possibly want as it could either make or break you? Well, I think that some of us are already lost and unfortunately already “broken”.
This incident made me think, remember I think a lot. There has been an idea of raising the alcohol drinking age to 21 years and the idea brought up a lot of mixed feelings amongst the public. I do not know what happened to the idea but it just suddenly faded away. At first I was totally against the idea but with what I saw happening, I think that maybe raising the age to 21 is actually a good idea. Bathong, when kids come to the university and start drinking they just destroy themselves, it really is heart breaking to see an 18/19 year old child a thataekela mo tseleng. A lot start heavy drinking at a young age and carry on until death, maybe it is better to start at a later stage to at least add on a few more years to one’s life.
I mean, we are given a chance and responsibility at a young age but we just throw the trust away with our bad habits. Come on now guys, we can do much better. Remember you are not the first person to attend the Freshers ball and you’ll definitely not be the last person to do so. So don’t let such things make you lose control of who you are. And I now agree with raising the drinking age, 21 years it should be. That’s my story and I’M DEFINITELY STICKING TO IT!

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i dont understand if its because u are young or just plain naive…….drinking age limit has nothing to do with it,it is well known that although the drinking age limit is 18 kids start well b4 that at around i dont get why u think the government should waste their time with legislating someting that wont make a difference..honestly,find something better to write about


the age limit is no problem,where i am (Switzerland) most institutions,do not endow first and second year students with on-campus accomodation ,at least till the 2nd semester of ur tertiary schooling…so as a preventive measure and proposition i strongly do feel and affirm the latter idea to be imposed into our local Uni’s and Colleges


give it time nnana…you will understand this things…it is a good thing what you do at the voice, comment on what life brings to us….but to say what you did about the youth, UB and its students, i boldly say you are naive…just like that other person ‘cat’.