I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and New year holidays as much as I did and of course I do hope that we are all back from these hectic holidays in one piece.

To those who lost a family member or a close friend during the festive holidays like some people that I know, well, my condolences and may you find peace and comfort that you need. Anyhow, this is the first ever column of this brand new year 2012 and yea, I do promise you nothing but a better and much more interactive column.

After all,  this column is not about me, it’s inspired by youth all around the world especially you, the beautiful youth of Botswana.Towards the end of 2011, I sat down with a cousin of mine and we had a chat about all our accomplishments and failures of the ending year, and well, I had a whole lot of accomplishments than failures and same applied to this cousin of mine.

However, we then talked about some of the people that we know who didn’t have as much accomplishments as either one of us and some unfortunately didn’t have any, not even a single event of success.Now because of the not so good year that these people had, some entered this New Year with a whole lot of negativity while some didn’t even care whether one succeeds or fails, they could not be

Yep, I know, sad akere, really sad. What’s even more disturbing is that these people are young, some in their early twenties and some in their late teens. I mean these guys have ample time ahead of them, a lot of time to cover up for their mistakes, time to dust themselves up and move on, so really I don’t understand why there’s so much negativity.

O ka ipotsa gore motho e le monana a bo a itlhoboga mo go kana, tota a re go tweng. Now guys, we all need to know that a new year equals a fresh new start. Fine, I do understand that what happened in the past year can affect the following year big time,but we need to take the bad that happened and make good out of it.Learn from the mistakes you made in 2011, make the most of the heart breaks you went through and try and establish what went wrong.

Once you have done this, I assure you, this brand new year will be much better than the previous one. The major problem is most of us let our past define us which is a
huge set back.

Now unless you want to be living in your past even though people are making the most of their present and making sure that their future is as bright as ever, than have this negative mentality I promise you, you won’t go anywhere. So really beautiful people, let 2012 be one of your greatest yearsever, I’m sure entering this year on a very high and exciting note, I see nothing but a very successful year on my side.

Try jotting down your New Year resolutions, your goals and aims, maybe that’ll help. I know many Batswana think this is a waste of time but just like I mentioned in the last edition of last year, doing this will actually guide you. Let us all practice nothing but positive living guys.

Oh, and big up to one of my loyal readers, Bonolo Jessica Senabye who went to Kgalemang Motsete Secondary for doing extremely well in her form 3 exams. Keep it up gal. Now this is a young lady with positive attitude, take note guys.