Francistown West Member of Parliament Ignatius Moswaane has called for a deliberate effort from the government to turn Francistown into an investment centre, to help create the much needed employment.

Asked to share his views on the State of the Nation Address (SONA) by President Mokgweetsi Masisi in relation to Francistown, Moswaane said an intervention is needed to give the second city’s economy a boost.

“First the city needs an economic stimulus package. We need to see more factories opening in the city. There must be a deliberate effort by government to set up factories here. Factories that produce government uniforms, police, army, nurses etc should be set up in this city to create employment,” he said.

The fiery legislator said Francistown holds the key to job creation in the country, and urged all key stakeholders to work together to make that a reality.

“Our advantage is that we have the land to host anyone. All that is needed is for the land in Gerald to be serviced. We have enough land to allocate 40 000 plots, and if we can allocate just 20 000 we’ll create lots of jobs,” he said.

Moswaane said with the allocation of 20 000 plots, jobs will be created when the land is serviced and more when plot owners begin to develop.

“Now with extra 20 000 plots, Gerald will become a fully fledged township in need of schools, police stations and factories,” he said.

“Francistown holds the key to President Masisi’s job creation ambition. I’ll sit down with him and share this,” Moswaane said, adding that just like Selebi Phikwe Francistown may need something similar to SPEDU.

“We can have our own FEDU and help inject life into our failing economy. This will also mean opening Tati Mine. If we can pay Norilsk P450 million, we can open Tati mine,” he said.

The Francistown South MP further said the Ministry of Education should also take advantage of the Private Institutions in the city by enrolling more students.

“We can’t have Botho University spending P200 million only to become a white elephant. If Botho, ABM, GIBS, FCE and FCTVE could enroll 2000 students each, that is 10 000 students with an allowance of P1400 each month.”

“Do you know what this would mean for taxi operators, property owners, vendors and the entire informal sector? The benefits would be immense!” concluded Moswaane.

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