Francistown we go hard re-brands
CAP IT: The BW branded baseball caps

They rose to real prominence after rapper Baboloki Dambe aka B-Blok won the Yarona FM Award with the song ‘Top shambole’.

Francistown We Go Hard became a household name and a recognisable brand in the second city.

They became the epitome of cool and swag and their merchandise was flying off the shelves.

Three years later Dambe and his business partner, Baboloki Chakalisa are now looking beyond Francistown and the region.

Currently promoting a new line of their catchy baseball caps, Dambe said they decided to change the name to Go Hard Clothing.

“We wanted something that is more exclusive, hence the BW embroidered on our baseball caps,” he said.

The rapper turned entrepreneur said they felt Botswana still does not have a brand that stands out and can be easily recognisable.

“A brand like NY stands out wherever you see it. Now we have BW-We Go hard which we believe can rival such big brands like NY,” Dambe said.

“Locals can now show off new headgear, snap bags, vests beanies and t-shirts wherever they go. The BW brand is now a force to reckon with. The response we have been getting is amazing,” added Dambe.

With this overwhelming response the brand is now planning to include other products like socks and pants.

All BW-Go Hard products are designed and embroidered in China.

“We get them as finished products, in this way there’s no compromise on the standard and quality.”

The ‘Ghetto too pathulula’ hitmaker said they have partnered with Real Legends, owned by rapper Euri, who’ll help with the distribution of the merchandise in Gaborone.

“The merchandise in Francistown is available at Rotical Boutique at Barclays Plaza. These exclusive caps sell for only P250,” he said.

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