FRAFA youth chaos continues

Francistown Regional Football Association Chairperson Maokaneng Bontshetse says some youth league club officials in the region turned up for a meeting that never was because of a communication mishap.

Bontshetse was reacting to Voice Sport enquiries after some coaches and club owners had complained that the FRAFA Youth League committee came for a meeting that never took place.

The officials, most of who could not hide their disappointment as they spoke to Voice Sport preferred not be named as they fear being victimised.

Philip Ncube who travelled all the way from Nswazwi village where he is spearheading youth development however had no problem with being quoted.

“This was a scheduled meeting which all including FRAFA officials knew about. FRAFA officials were supposed to come and explain to us why there was a delay in us getting the equipment the BFA had promised us. We are concerned about this because it has stopped the league from continuing after it was launched last December. It looks like these people don’t take us seriously whereas we are doing a serious job in developing young players who are the future of our football”, a visibly upset Ncube told Voice Sport.

Reacting to the club officials allegations late Wednesday afternoon Bontshetse said “I know nothing of such a meeting. The only meeting I know of is the one we have at the Civic Centre today (Wednesday) at five. It is for FFRAFA and Youth League officials and will not involve clubs,” said Bontshetse.

“I think there was some misunderstanding when the secretary spoke to those who came to Francistown thinking there was a meeting. We are having a meeting today in which the clubs will not be involved. I think she wanted to inform them about today’s meeting which will address the concerns they have with the delay in getting the youth league going in our region.” Bontshetse told Voice Sport.

Meanwhile at the time of going to press, the long awaited equipment, which the BFA is expected to send from Gaborone this week, had not yet arrived.

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