Francistown Regional Football Association (FRAFA) will this weekend hold its Annual General Meeting at HIS.

Top of the agenda will be elections of the executive committee which will lead the association for the next two years.

Speaking to Voice Sport this week FRAFA Chairman Jonas Ikgopoleng said he has pending projects that needs to be completed, hoping that he will be reinstated to finish the FIFA goal project.

“We have acquired land at Gerald which will be used to build offices, football pitch and hostels funded by FIFA just like Lekidi centre in Gaborone. The project will create jobs and will be a facelift for the second city.

Francistown is in partnership with City of Ghenk in Belgium but because we do not have office, we are failing to benefit from this partnership”, added Ikgopoleng

He said developments will further help the region to host football courses and trials for national teams.

The outgoing chairman revealed that when he came into the office in 2012 he found teams paying referees and now his office covers costs.

Ikgopoleng however outlined their main challenge as lack of grounds and the delay of new stadium which end up causing some divisions to finish the league late.

“The other challenge is shortage of referees and this season we want to train more. We recently launched women football which will need referees specifically for their league. Some players join lower divisions when they retire from elite league and we want to discuss this with teams so that it comes to an end, those areas are meant for development”, he stressed,

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