Foxy Magaya

Popular prophet Walter Magaya is in the news again – and once again it’s for all the wrong reasons.

I think to even call him a prophet or a man of ‘God’is no longer befitting, but who am I to judge.

However, I must hasten to say he now comes across as a dubious entrepreneur or trickster who is out to make money through whatever means or should I say through deceiving his followers.

Last week he made headlines when he claimed that he had found a cure for HIV/AIDS.

The good thing though is that the government was quick to cut off this ‘deadly’ money spinner before he could make his thousands if not millions of dollars.

The consequences of defaulting on HIV medication are well known and so is the fact that there is still no cure for it.

So for someone to deceive people and claim to have found a cure for the disease is grossly irresponsible, in fact it’s downright dangerous.

Magaya should have known better that he can’t just wake up and claim to have found a cure for HIV, or maybe, since he regards himself as a man of God, he believed the government would not touch the anointed one.

Well he got it wrong! He was dragged to court and charged with contravening the Medicine Act which stipulates that all medicines should be tried and approved by the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe.

Surely his cure has to be scientifically tested and given the thumbs up even by international bodies.

But no, Magaya thought he could just wake up and say he has found the cure (something that has evaded the world’s top scientists for decades) be taken seriously, make millions of bucks and expand his empire.

Oh well, sorry man of God, claiming to have found a cure for HIV is no joke, after all we are talking about people’s lives here.

With his tail firmly between his legs, Magaya had to apologise to the nation for his claim, stating that he announced about the so called cure out of excitement.

The medicine, called Aguma is apparently a mixture of ARVs and some herbs and was priced at $1, 000 (P10, 000) a bottle.

And when we thought we had had enough of his outrageous outbursts, the crafty Magaya also claimed that he was working on introducing a lipstick that cures low blood pressure.

Apparently, this holy lipstick is ideal for both women and men and so it mustn’t come as a surprise when men start wearing lipstick, it won’t just be any lipstick but a holy one!

With such claims, I am really tempted to call Magaya more of an enterprising individual than a prophet but for fear of offending his followers I will not.

But who doesn’t know that the man, like most fire prophets, can sell anything under the sun; from holy water, holy oil, holy oranges, holy cucumbers, holy bricks, holy pens and their holy second hand clothes.

The thing is they know their followers, especially those who are poor or sick, will not think twice about parting with the little money they have to get whatever holy thing is on sale with the belief that the ‘anointed product’ is a ticket to a better life.

Oh and on a happier note, well done to the Zimbabwean cricket team who beat Bangladesh by 151 runs (I’m reliably informed that’s quite a thrashing) in the First Test in Syhlet.

It seem’s miracles do happen – I’m just surprised Magaya didn’t claim it as one of his own!

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It is about the loopholes that exist in the system like there are many loopholes for those to steal from coffers
and there are people taking advantage of the loopholes like this fraudster he should be locked up like many others calling themselves prophets they are just finding an easy way out to make quick money . Only those who can heal people are those trained to do it. This man is just a fraudster and should be dealt with accordingly


That other nigerian that calls himself a prophet called TB Joshua is another fake lazy thief prophet finding this way to make quick money he could not save those people who perished when his church was reduced to rubble – probably taking short cuts to build the building and living the high life and taking money from the poor