The deputy mayor of Selibe Phikwe Town Council Kelebetse Kelebetse has accused his Botswana Congress Party colleagues of abusing council facilities especially the telephone as they are always calling the Nigerian prophet T.B Joshua

Kelebetse defied the party caucus and stood for the deputy mayoral position against his colleague Molefhe Molatlhegi saying he was protesting the abuse.

The two garnered seven votes each and the mayor Godfrey Mbaiwa had to break the tie and voted for Kelebetse.

When asked why he defied the party caucus Kelebetse said “I won’t allow BCP to abuse the deputy mayor’s office, not anymore,” he said.

He pointed a finger at the former mayors of Phikwe Lekang Mokukumani and Benjamin Bagayi who defected from Botswana Democratic Party to BCP saying they used to come to his office to call the Nigeria prophet a thing which resulted in the council’s high telephone bill.

When contacted for comment Bagayi refuted the allegations saying he has never used the council phone to call TB Joshua.

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This is the place where the Garbage is not being collected and the residents have to put up with the foul smell of it and the Sulphur

Who is paying for the calls to this so called Prophet? Do they think the Profit is going to tell them that their future is going to be all rosy Send the bill to whoever was using the phone – they are doing things like this during office hours which is unacceptable


If i was this Joshua TB i would tell these people who are abusing the office to do something about the UNCOLLECTED GARBAGE AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT SULPHUR!!


heeeee this guy ona le mona can you believe it, this guy ga a na se aka buwang ka sone mo councill meeting gona le go buwa rubbish. hey banna re le rumile gore lere boelele not go lomana ka meno


Someone somewhere needs to take stock of this organisation and clean it up!!


Besides the Garbage and problem with Sulphur –

“they have been operating with one skip truck after the other two were grounded due to lack of tyres,“The tyres for the trucks are worn out and we were unable to buy new ones due to financial constraints”, –

So said a spokesman in a previous article and people are making LONG DISTANCE CALLS TO THIS PROPHET???


Put those who are letting the organisation down in the SKIP!!