Former cop arrested for girlfriend’s murder
SUSPECTED KILLER: Chimota outside court

At sunrise on Monday morning, 23-year-old Neo Thomas’ lifeless body was found dumped behind a kraal in Senete village.

The light soil that marks the spot where she fell is soiled dark with blood.

Police suspect Thomas was strangled to death by her boyfriend, 37-year-old Buzo Chimota, a former police officer and a father of three.

Chimota, who was stationed at Gerald before he quit to work in the mines, appeared before Masunga Magistrate Court on Wednesday for confession. He was due to appear again for arraignment the following day (25 April).

Those that grew up with him in the sleepy Kalanga village of Senete, remember Chimota as a humble, friendly youth.

“Things took a nasty turn after he left work at the police force and the mine. He became someone who walked around carrying a knife,” revealed a source, speaking to The Voice on condition of anonymity.

“He is a close friend to my friend. He told my friend he would kill Neo and put her head in front of the bottle store where she was working. Chimota said he would then proceed to kill his own mother, as she likes to interfere in his relationships,” claimed the source, who lives in Senete but works in Francistown.

“He murdered Neo when she was knocking off although we don’t really know what transpired on that fateful night!” they continued, adding Chimota was seen at around midnight calmly asking for a smoke at a local depot.

“Apparently, he then went home around 5 in the morning where he found his father and requested to see his mother. When the mother asked what was wrong, he told her he had killed Neo,” said the source, adding that Chimota’s shocked parents immediately called the cops.

“The police came and found him home where they arrested him. When they told him to sit in the car at the back, he asked how he can sit at the back whilst he is the one who knows the crime scene,” concluded the source.

Taking up the narrative, another resident claimed Chimota had told him to his face that he intended to kill the mother of his children, then Thomas and finally his own mother.

“I do not know what got in his mind. He was a nice person at first. He has three kids with the mother of his children who is staying in Francistown. They are still together even though he was dating Neo, who herself has a boyfriend working at Choppies in Tutume,” said the Senete villager, who like his mate requested not to be named.

When reached for comment, Tutume Station Commander, Jerry Halahala confirmed his officers were investigating a murder case reported by the suspect’s father at around 5am on Monday.

“He reported that his child has killed someone. We suspect he strangled her to death as there were no body injuries,” was all Halahala was prepared to say.

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