Forever learning
THE GO-GETTER: Amelia Malebane

Her journey has been an interesting combination of a high flying corporate maverick and an ever learning student of life.

Despite her successes, she is the first to admit to have had her own share of challenges which she gleefully says “Can either break or make you. Mine has been a meaningful passage I continue on.”

Born Amelia Moremogolo Malebane to Mmakgabo Phineas Malebane( South African) and Mmadora Julia Malebane, a Mokgatla from Mochudi.

“We are six in my family, three boys and three girls. I was raised by Mme Motlerebe -Pilane –Boikanyo, they call her grandmother, I call her Mme, and Rre Molaodi Boikanyo.

Four years ago she was one of the few Batswana to receive a prestigious scholarship to study in China. As a PhD scholar (Media Law) Communications University of China, she once more swapped roles of being lecturer to being a scholar.

Malebane is a former Lecturer with University of Cape Town South Africa, Limkokwing University and University of Botswana.

Although she is modest about her accomplishments, Malebane counts having been Director of Ceremonies for Miss Universe, meeting Nelson Mandela and meeting former US President Bill Clinton as some of her highlights.

Forever learning
TIMEOUT: Hanging out with a friend

Some of her notable works include serving her country at the National Vision 2016, being the first female lecturer at the Centre for Film and Media studies; University of Botswana, serving as Public Relations Manager for Debswana Diamond Company and working with a team that produced the film, Our Diamonds, Our Pride.

“But then again, travelling to the North Pole was mind blowing. It is not the end of the road, so I am still on that journey. But my PhD studies (on Oscar Pistorius and Bo Xilai of China) on social media and the internet, which is a new thing, brings a big smile on my face.”

Malebane who is passionate about sharing her knowledge has also embarked on giving presentations to learners regarding the use of social media. “We can no longer treat social media as the elephant in the room but rather we need to recognize the fact that it affects all spheres of our lives including both professional and personal.”

She goes on to point to the merits and dangers of failing to take advantage of this new media and purport the importance of ongoing dialogue around social media by all.

She attests her drive and passion for studying to her interest in learning and reading.

“My time at the University of Botswana when I taught there also fuelled my passion to share knowledge, and finally, to plough back to my country and contribute to new knowledge. I encourage learners out there to go into this field, it is interesting, it’s the now, it’s the future! I feel that I owe it to my country to give back, and if we can all give back, the blue, black and white flag will fly even higher.

Upon completion of her studies Malebane says she wishes to share her learnings in any opportunity that will avail itself, but most importantly, to lobby government, especially the Ministry of Education, to introduce the new technology of the internet and social media as a full subject that is examinable to learners at pre-school to higher education.

There is a high level of interest on this new technology of the internet and social media and so education in this new medium is the only way.

Through education we will be able to stimulate learning and interest in different fields of information technology.

My aim is to educate and train Batswana on this new technology through workshops, seminars, and classroom teaching.

I have already given talks in my home village, to the schools I attended, namely, Linchwe Primary School and Molefi Secondary School. I have been giving presentations on radio stations and schools in South Africa.

Reflectively Malebane says “Living in China has truly broadened my world view.

Although well travelled, I cannot help but marvel at the level of technology used in China.

Everything works like clockwork and the things we are far from considering normal are a way of life in China despite any one’s age. Seeking services like making purchases, paying bills and even running one’s household is done electronically.

It is fascinating really and one cannot help but marvel at the concept of all this technology reaching Botswana some day.

Forever learning
NETWORKING: Learning never stops

It may seem so far off but when one assesses for instance the level of mobile phone penetration and all the technological advancements being made, we are not a long way off.

I believe that social media and the internet has not only upset our standard way of living, but have also generated unexpected wealth and changed the lives of millions of people. More like a bulldozer.

This is a Revolution. This, I find fascinating. I want to be a part of this revolution.

It is my firm belief that the new technology of the internet is a fantastic invention and that it is our duty to train and develop as well as jealously guard and protect the interactions and exchanges of our citizenry, online.

It is a lifetime, it begins in the womb and ends in the tomb. I see learning as both wide and narrow, with some of the benefits being economic whilst others, non economic.

Learning should benefit the individual and the larger community or society. I believe in learning, for when you learn, you know and when you know, you share with others.

Away from the demands of school Malabane says “I enjoy travelling, reading, cooking, and horseback riding. My favourite book is the Holy Bible- The New King James Version”