Forbidden love
OBSESSED: Gaboitse will be sentenced this week

Taxi-man driven to despair over affair with nurse

A Maun taxi-driver, whose sexcapades made headlines earlier this year, has been found guilty of violating a restraining order against his married former lover.

Currently remanded in custody, 40-year-old Solomon Gaboitse will be sentenced this Wednesday (July 17), where he faces up to five years in prison.

Gaboitse’s obsession with 43-year-old married nurse Charity Montshiwa dates back to 2008, when she hired him to drive her to her workplace, Letsholathebe Memorial Hospital.

They quickly struck up a friendship, which soon progressed to the bed sheets as a passionate love affair ensued.

According to the besotted taxi-man, the romance continued blissfully for four years, until he discovered his lover was in fact married to another man.

He claims he had wanted to end the relationship then but says Montshiwa would not let him.

“She had access to my account,” Gaboitse told court, explaining she had helped him open a bank account and sometimes deposited money on his behalf.

The relationship continued but a jealous Gaboitse became increasingly violent, with one of his beatings ending in a broken bone for Montshiwa.

He started stalking his on-off lover, even following her on out-of-town work trips.

“He specifically followed her to Kasane and Francistown on different occasions. When the beatings intensified she had to seek assistance from the police. She avers she reported the assault three to four times at the police station and she was referred to the customary court,” reads part of the judgment.

At the customary court, Gaboitse promised to leave Montshiwa alone.

However, the promise was short lived and he continued to harass his ex, turning up at her home in the middle of the night

Increasingly desperate, in March 2017, the nurse, who told court the affair was only meant to be temporary, sought a restraining order against Gaboitse.

The order stated he should not go near her, call or text her, use a third party to contact her, or to go to her place of work or residence.

Four months later Gaboitse was arrested and arraigned before Maun Magistrate Court for defying the order. He was convicted and given a suspended sentence.

However, somewhat inevitably Gaboitse was convicted over an incident in March 2018, where he was caught repeatedly knocking on Montshiwa’s door at night.

On the day in question, Montshiwa is said to have hitched a ride with a male friend, Tony Chilume, as her car had broken down.

“She arrived home around 20:00hrs only to find Solomon trying her door. She then instructed Chilume to close the windows and lock the door. At that time her daughter was alone inside the house. He then approached the car and tried to open the doors. He asked Tony what he was doing to him as he knew that Montshiwa was his girlfriend,” reads the judgment.

During further investigations into the matter, it was found that Gaboitse parked his car in the bush near Montshiwa’s house almost everyday.

Pleading for a lesser sentence, Gaboitse’s attorney, Petsolo Nare told court his client was in love but did not know how to express it.

“He was in love, it is just that he did not know the right way to express it!”

He is likely to have plenty of time behind bars to contemplate his feelings.